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Carnival Capers Photo, Abuja, Nigeria

This event is the highlight of the city’s cultural calendar and undoubtedly a vital, unique and incomparable experience as residents and tourists are provided with the opportunity to view and appreciate Nigeria as an ever-evolving country rich in diversity, art, culture and tradition.

The annual event is hosted at notable venues around Abuja; most predominantly the multi-purpose 7,000-seat arena of Eagles Square. In its fourth year now, the Abuja carnival’s nerve centre - Eagles Square has postcard-perfect views of the famous Aso Rock Hills and is conveniently set within the precincts of the major landmarks of the FCT. (Federal Capital Territory)

This four-day affair of beguiling entertainment incontestably portrays significant cultural resources from each Nigerian State. Cultural groups of participants adorned in spectacular and metaphoric costumes, depict the multi-cultural and diverse heritage by staging an elaborate procession of performances, traditional drumming and styles of vocal expressions along the designated carnival route.
As with any first class, cross-cultural event, the Abuja Carnival offers tourists a holistic opportunity to view and appreciate the unique preservation of Nigerian heritage; through traditional modes of cultural expression. If in any doubt as to the authenticity and intensity of the Abuja carnival, you only need to witness the ornate and distinct character of the Masquerade Fiesta. It is quite natural to become entranced and overwhelmed in the energy and spirit of this renowned and customary phenomenon; as its ability to ignite patriotic spirit amongst its supporters and awe amongst cynics is intriguing to indigenous Nigerians and tourists alike.

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