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My, My...Mykonos!

From Athens we flew to Mykonos. Again, we had made arrangements for a driver to meet us at the airport. This time it was a van with no Aircon. Mykonos is idyllic--- bright white concrete buildings with varying shades of Aegean blue trim. Our hotel was in Platis Yialos (also known as: Plati Gialos and other derivatives. NOTE: many words are spelled differently into English. So, read carefully--different spellings, but same place. Especially on busses).
Accommodations were at Petinos Beach Hotel. Van/taxi/bus drops you a short distance aand then you walk just a little. Steps up to the hotel. You need to be somewhat mobile! The "beach" is to the left of the hotel and very crowded in August. Apparently, this is vacation season and all of Italy had spilled out into various parts of Greece. This is all just fine if you like being elbow-to-elbow. The beach is lined with restaurants and two markets:1 a mini-market with drinks, snacks and fruit, the other for towels, suntan lotion, souvenirs. There is also a mini-market in the basement are of the hotel.
ONE THING I DON'T REMEMBER READING PRIOR to my trip was that drinking the water in Mykonos is NOT recommneded--even for brushing your teeth!! Just an FYI!

Petinos Beach Hotel- SUCH WONDERFUL STAFF!! Maria & Margarita are at the front desk most of the time. These two are the epitome of hospitality!!! That alone makes staying at this hotel worth it. The rooms are ample sized. Many with balconies. There is a large salt water pool (kind of slick tile when you step in) with plenty of chairs. People have a tendancy to get towels from the front desk (complimentary) and place them on the loungers sor of "reserving" their place. However, often we saw these seats vacant most of the day. Not very nice unless you are going to truly use the seat. Also, because of the closeness to the beach, I think a few people wandered in to take advantage of the pool. The wait staff, mostly from Poland, couldn't have been any sweeter!! Apparently, frozen margaritas (the drink,not the front desk person) are not commonly made. My travelling companion kept ordering them and kept getting a concoction over ice. BREAKFAST is served and quite a selection. Lunch and dinner can be taken at small outdoor restaurant which is an extension of "The Blue Myth" resaturant across the alleyway. The Blue Myth is very good and you can charge your meal to your room.
RESTAURANTS: Plenty within EZ walking distance along the beach. You WILL be propositioned by all of them. Blue Myth has Greek dancers. Check for the nights it is scheduled. BREAD & WATER will be BROUGHT to your table and you WILL BE CHARGED for it, so if you don't want it let them know up front!! AND if you opt out on the bread & water make sure it isn't added to your bill anyway.
BUSSES: The bus stop is just up from the hotel. Get your TICKET at the kiosk if you have change or up a little further at a mini-market. The buss will take you to Mykonos city where you can walk around or transfer to another bus. BE SURE to note the return times. They don't wait around. Taxis are also available and very reasonable.
MYKONOS CITY: My, my!!... it is August and literally BUZZING with what seems like millions of people--literally!! Mostly all young wearing scarves wrapped around their necks atop lean little bodies! OK, I was not ready for all of the people and the NARROW little streets. If you think you are going to use a MAP and walk around...forget about it!! Just cut loose and walk. MANY, MANY clubs, restaurants and shops. Just take it in. Eat wherever you feel like it. You will probably get turned around. Just go with it and ENJOY the sights!!
BEACHES: You can visit other beaches by way of a water taxi which is right by the hotel. Don't take too much stuff and be ready for a windy and possibly wet trip. We chose Agrari Beach because it was supposedly "quiet." The beach chairs are $12Euro. Someone WILL be by to collect. Many children were here. The return boat is in the afternoon. We were ready!! Plenty of info about the beaches to read to determine which suits you. We stayed at the pool at the hotel for the convenience.
WIND: When we arrived there was no wind. Not having been to Mykonos previously, we assumed the weather was as it normally was. After two days the WIND BLEW IN AND KEPT BLOWING!! Makes the heat tolerable, but just prepare. I don't remember reading about the wind, either.
TOILETS: Being from the U.S. and having stayed at the Marriott in Athens, we were a bit surprised to find that on Mykonos, the "paper" in the bathroom goes in the trash and NOT the toilet. Don't say you weren't warned.
DELOS: We didn't make it as my travelling companion had a cut foot and couldn't walk too much. Heard it was a trip you should do, however.

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