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Open Air Dining

Open Air Bar Photo, San Diego, California

San Diego is a beautiful city with perfect weather. Many of the restaurants and bars throughout the Gaslamp District are open air, no windows, no doors . . . just open space and fresh air. It is really nice to sit outside, whether you are enjoying a beer with a friend, as I did at The Field . . . or grabbing a bit to eat, which was how I spent my first afternoon in town at Bare Back Grill. Not only can you casually drink or dine, there are several very nice restaurants that offer outdoor cafe dining . . . like Lou & Mickeys.

In the Gaslamp District, the choices are almost endless. I don't think that in just a few days you can really to the area justice. But I thoroughly enjoyed my "Average Joe" burger at the Bare Back Grill. Complete with cheese, toppings and condiments, along with a generous portion of fries and a diet coke, you're looking at $15. There are some discount coupons available in the hotel's restaurant recommendation rack if you're looking to save a couple of bucks.

Nothing is really inexpensive in San Diego. I guess it is the price you pay for the great weather! The night we stopped for a beer at The Field, I was a bit shocked at the $6 price tag on my pint of New Castle. That's OK . . . the great open air and friendly local folks was worth the extra buck (or two). The Field also offers bar food if you're interested in snacking, as well as a traditional Irish pub menu.

As I walked by Lou & Mickeys, I remember my night out with Susi back in 2005. That night it was exotic cocktails after the Hall & Oates concert. On this night, it was more a fond memory as I walked by because it was too early to eat supper . . . and definitely too early in the evening to be drinking wild drinks served in "monkey" mugs.

When you go to San Diego, be sure to get out into the street and experience the Gaslamp District. It really has a hip, urban feel that is exhilarating.

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