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Brasov - The pearl of Transylvania

I worked in Brasov about 4 and a half years ago and spent considerable time exploring the area. Brasov is a wonderful little city in the Transylvanian mountains, don't worry though - there are no vampires! Hell there are no scam artists these days either! Brasov is almost completely safe and the locals are truly wonderful, very friendly and helpful.

Nestled between the mountain this reasonable sized city has a lot to offer, the hiking opportunities immediately at the top of the hill above Brasov are immense. A superb mix of architecture including the powerfully gothic Black church, the communist blocks, the new apartment blocks and villas and the old buildings in the centre give it a nice feel.

Don't try to use the public transport without a ticket, there are regular inspections.

Be careful around the main train station, there's often young gypsies high on spray paint/glue or something of that order being a bit of a nuisance.

I've been back after my initial stay on several occasions and wish I was right there as I'm writing this! Brasov is a superb place for all of the family. Completely gorgeous. There are plenty of cafe's to sit outside of during the summer and lots of cosy little bars to hang out in when it's raining or during the freezing winter. The cobbled streets (should be fully renovated by now) and small parks add a very relaxed feel to the town. The centre is wonderful, the outskirts like the majority of cities in Eastern Europe - are nothing special.

Oh and if you are a single man.. the beautiful local girls have a penchant for not wearing bras during the summer ;).

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