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La Source, Grenada

The carribean in the summer, what? Why? Well, I just returned from the best time of my life, this is not an easy remark to make considering the ample fun I've been privy too. The irony of the experience was that I was expecting "the world", I was shocked to find that people actually can attain this. La Source provided absolutely every demand I could muster.

I have had several all inclusive holidays that promise way more then they actually offer, and you usually find this out with your first trip to the restaurant. For me buffets are the equillvalent of shopping , you pick through the stuff you don't really want and then settle for something that comes close, which I generally dislike, not so at La Source. First off, the al la carte restaurants are never over booked, and the menu changes daily. The staff are sincerly authentic, you don't have to tip them to get their attention, they genuienely want to be of service. (this holds true for all the ammenties and spa treatments) The bar is stocked with above average wines, premium liquor and beer. The food ranges from lighter fare (always fresh local fish) to fine modern cusine. My favourite spot was Oscar's, it's a chilled, beautifully appointed beach bar and restaurant, bisecting the pool and beach. Trust me you will not be complaining about the food, service or drinks.

The best thing about having everything included was the level of sophistication of all the ammenities. The dive master Ricardo was warm and knowledgeble, if you are a diver, this is a hidden gem, 3 dives a day, the boat is awesome, the dives accomodate every level of diver, and the staff take care of your every wish at no extra charge .The yoga instuctor, Andrea, is the real deal, her attention to detail was amazing, eveyone I talked to said it was the best class they had ever been to. The tennis pro is there to provide a private lesson (free of charge), or hit around with you every morning. The par 3 golf course, a stones throw from the beach, was maintanied daily, with challenging holes with beautiful vistas. All equipment was top level and provided without hassel. I know it sounds too good to be true, it's not a cheap place to stay, but when you consider the effort and time it would take to have everything at your disposal, it's well worth it.

The rooms are luxurious, I would compare them to the Sofitel in New York, and the bathrooms are out of a magazine, no expenses spared. I believe the towels are made in heaven, if they are not I sure would like to find out where they make them on earth. The maids always seemed to appear while you were out, like little cleaning fairy's making everything shiny and new. Every room has a safe but to be honest I often left my valauables out without a care, the place just doesn't make you feel threatened in anyway.

I should really talk about the why the island is paradise, it's the people, the untouched beaches, the lack of development, and the truly genuine experience. I came home with a fresh outlook on life, I feel totally relaxed and inspired. If you need a jolt of love and beauty, this is the place. Please visit the island and let me know if I was dreaming. I apologise if I sound to bias but it was something I will cherish and boast about for as long as I live.

Go and see it for yourself!

ps. I should mention that you will often find the owner, Leon, enjoying a glass of wine at Oscar's, he is the eptiome of cool, a charming gentlemen, who represents his resort and country with relaxed regality. If you do bump into him, make sure you thank him for me.

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