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Deep Sea Fishing aboard the Seawinder

When planning our trip to Destin one of the main things we wanted to do was to take a deep sea fishing charter. The trip included my husband, me and our 12 year old son Brandon. We chose the Seawinder with Captain Stan and the deck hands name was Hugh. We started our trip out at 6:00 am. On the way out to sea we stopped to fish for our bait. After it was determined we had enough bait to last through our 8 hour trip, we then headed out to sea. Not even 30 minutes into the trip we saw an absolutely huge manna ray. REALLY COOL! Then we started trolling on our way out to deeper waters. We started catching fish right away. We caught a couple king mackerel, and a couple spanish mackerel. We also caught some kind of tuna which they said was not good for eating, but they were sure fun to catch. The deckhand Hugh worked tireously to help my 12 year old son, and us, get these fish into the boat. Then he would really quickly rebait the hooks, cast them out, while the whold time noticing we had fish on our lines before we even knew. He knew exactly what we caught every time, most of the time before we ever even got them up to the boat, I don't know how he did it. All I can say is that he is very good at his job and had a very great attitude. Our captain found fish quickly and then we started bottom fishing for snapper. We quickly caught our limit of 2 red snapper per person. We also caught black snapper. My son had a really nice size red snapper that he was reeling in, with much help from Hugh, when out of nowhere a very large baracuda swam up and bit off half of the red snapper in one bite. Now THAT was really neat and my son has told the story about a hundred times since then. The baracuda actually hung around and kept taking our fish for a little while but try as we might we could not catch him. Too bad.This was our first deep sea fishing trip, for all of us. We really lucked out picking this boat and crew. Captain Stan found the fish quickly and kept us very busy. And Hugh did a wonderful job. I do not know where he got all his energy from as it was quite a lot of work for him to help my son and I getting those fish reeled in. I highly recommend that if going deep sea fishing in Destin that you search no farther than the Seawinder, Captain Stan and Hugh. You will not be disapointed.

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