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Temples, Temples and more Temples

one of the many temples in chiang mai Photo, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is known for its temples! With just 1/5 the population of Bangkok, the city boasts just about the same number of temples. If you have a free morning or afternoon (although the afternoons can be HOT), take a stroll through the city center and visit some of the temples that are on display. Some of them are difficult to find since some of the maps we were consulting didn't show all the little alleys. Truthfully, we visited so many one afternoon that we couldn't get them straight in our heads.

However, all of them are lovely, and unique in their own way. There are typically monks wandering around doing various jobs and upkeep of the premises. Pick up any map from your hotel and the temples will definitely be labeled.

At one of the temples, we saw a sign for "Monk Chat". Unfortunately, it was too late for us to take part, since we were walking through at 6pm in the evening. However, the sign states that there are monks waiting for people to come by and ask them questions - any sort of questions! I've heard that it is a great opportunities for monks to practice their English, particularly with the tourists.

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