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Modern Bangkok - Siam Square

Sticky Rice Festival @ Paragon Photo, Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Square is a complete 180 from the Khao San Road area. It is totally modern and commercial with several mega department stores surrounded by smaller boutiques and markets. The department stores with names like Paragon, MBK, and more are filled with shopping (even a Ferrari dealership), restaurants (both high end and fast food), movie theaters, and other attractions like Ocean World – an acquarium! Watching the throngs of young Thais fill the streets and the shopping centers is an experience in itself. Often there are promotional events happening that cause crowds and commotion. The area is a look into young, chic and trendy life in Bangkok.

I didn’t do much shopping there, but we did take in the scene and take a break in the GIGANTIC Paragon food court, with tons of Asian and western eateries. We were there during “Sticky Rice Month” and were able to purchase some samples of sticky rice varieties in different colors. We also met a local friend in the area for dinner and he took us to a casual eatery (the name escapes me!) where young Thais line up starting at 5pm for dinner.

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