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The Airlines to Mombasa

The following airlines I have used for my 3 trips using MBA Airport which I always strive to avoid. I will also now strive to avoid First Choice airlines and anything to do with Thomson Holidays when travelling to Kenya, though I suspect we will have to use them at some time in the future.

1 & 2] First Choice Airlines (FCA)
I have flown with them from to Kenya twice now both times on the same on the LGW-MBA route. One was excellent and the other was atrocious. If their ethics, morals and business practices were better they would have been in 3rd place and that would only be because I don’t like MBA Airport (read the other parts of the review and you will see why)
Overall – Just Below Average
Use Again – Would Rather Not But Suspect I Will Have To So Yes Unfortunately
3] Britannia Airways (BY)
I used them for my first flight from LGW-MBA & the service was atrocious. There was a lack of communication on all levels and looking back I think it was deliberate. The food was ok. Perhaps it’s a good job that you can’t get this airline now. It’s successor is Thomfly and has just merged with First Choice under the TUI Banner
Overall – Atrocious
Use Again – Fortunately Never!

There are many other airlines which fly to Mombasa from all round Europe. They appear to fly mainly from Germany and Italy (not really surprising with the amount of Ex-Pats from Italy living in (mainly though not exclusively) Malindi. I know of a few German Ex-pats (though not many) who appear to live in Diani (the south coast of Mombasa)

Of these airlines I have mentioned the following airlines are quite likely to be used over the next few years when my wife or I have awkward work dates for our holidays.

The two companies flying to Germany have been put at the top of the possibilities as Germany is easy to get to from Britain. I’ve put LTU ahead of Condor as they fly from more Airports and I know someone who has flown with them and he said they were OK.

The preferred order would be roughly as follows

1] LTU International
LTU are part of the AirBerlin family which is pretty good and has its London Hub at Stansted and a friend of mine who worked there rates them pretty highlyI found several reviews on them of which several were bad most were ok and only a couple of good ones but when you look at the airports they fly from the options for Brits are pretty good and if you want to turn your trip into a big adventure if you wanted you could even catch the ferry with I believe DFDS from Harwich to Hamburg
Berlin Tegel - Mombasa
Dusseldorf - Mombasa
Hamburg - Mombasa
Munich - Mombasa

I found several good review on Condor and wouldn’t hesitate to usethem if I had to, the only disadvantage I can find with using them is that they are rather expensive for a no frills airline
Frankfurt - Mombasa

I put Edelweiss next as they were until recently owned by Kuoni and I had found a couple of good reviews
Zurich - Mombasa

The Italian airlines was a different story and I’ve done pretty much for the following reasons Neos fly from more airports than Blue Panorama and have managed to get a good review. Blue Panorama I think is a better bet than Livingstone as they have 1 good review compared to none. Livingstone in their defence do fly from two easily reached Italian Airports and appear to be owned by Lauda Air. Meridiana fly from 2 Airports and have been around for years. Unfortunately their standards have been dropping for a little while and whilst I will bear them in mind I’m more likely to try to avoid them

4] Neos Air
Milan Malpensa-Mombasa
Verona - Mombasa

Rome Fiumicino - Mombasa

6] Livingstone Energy Flight
Rome Fiumicino - Mombasa
Milan Malpensa - Mombasa

7] Meridiana
Milan Malpensa - Mombasa

The next airline considered is Air Italy who flew to both Nairobi and Mombasa from many airports and appear to be part of the Alitalia family. The only problem with them is they haven’t yet decided if they will resume an operation to Kenya. With the amount of Italian Ex-pats living in Kenya my guess is that they will but with a reduced service. If they do return to flying to Kenya I’m sure we will use them due to sheer choice of Airports they allow making it easier to find suitable dates for us. I suspect and hope to be wrong that when they return to flying to Kenya it will be with a reduced service and only to Mombasa With that many flights and only one bad review I’d risk it.

Bari – Mombasa,
Bergamo - Mombasa,
Rome Fiumicino - Mombasa,
Milan Malpensa - Mombasa,
Verona - Mombasa

9] Iberworld
Although they appear to no longer fly to Kenya and although I have only really found poor reviews on them would risk it purely because it’s so easy to get to Madrid from Britain.

10] My Travel
I found out about this company in November or December due to a wonderful couple who offered this information to me when I was searching for a last minute flight to Kenya with awkward dates. They would have been able to help but the cost was prohibitive and a better option turned up for me. So although it may appear to be a little daft to go north to fly so far south I will have to bear it in mind as twice now their dates have worked for me. The website address is

Deceased Airlines that may be represented by others or may yet be resurrected on their previous routes
11] Corseair –
Which is now part of the very large TUI Travel Company and had several good reviews to several long haul destinations is still flying or so it appears just not to Kenya. It’s another one to be aware of as Paris is easily reached from London and all options that we can think of will have to be considered.
Paris (Charles De Gaulle) - Mombasa

Finally – as we travel between our two homelands we will use many different airlines and airports over the coming years and will update every time we travel so keep an eye on this journal as it will change and we will tell you where the bargains are to be had, so for the time being Adieu and will write for you soon

Be safe in your travels.

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