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Shuttle Express

Reservation: We were deciding whether to get a taxi or a share-ride van service. We're glad we decided on Shuttle Express share-ride van. Big bear asked for a ride right there and then at the inner drive curb on the third floor of the airport garage. We waited for about 15 - 20 minutes when our van arrived.

Van: We shared the van with another couple and it didn't feel like we were cramped inside the van at all. There was still a lot of room. It didn't smell like smoke either so that was good.

Service: The driver was nice. The drive was alright. It was better than what we expected.

Price: $$ good enough. It's about the same price as taking the taxi cab all the way to Bellevue.

1 dot - I rather walk.
2 dots - Only if the other option is riding a donkey.
3 dots - It was okay but taking a cab is not a bad idea either.
4 dots - It's great next to a limo but better than taking a cab.
5 dots - Ooh! I feel so special.

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