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Lost in Suntec City

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We had a friend living in Singapore who had an extra room to accommodate us during our stay. The moment we arrived in Singapore, we messaged him to tell us we were there. To make sure we were okay, he called us. He made us decide whether we want to go to Suntec City where he works or whether we meet him in the train station near where he lives. We decided on Suntec City since we might be able to arrange some tours for the next few days we were there.

So with our luggage and all that, we hailed a cab. I asked my friends if it would be okay for me to ride upfront beside the driver since I wanted to feel what it is like to be a passenger at a left hand drive mobile. They let me have me way. I was giggling at the novelty of it, but it doesn’t feel any different riding in a right-hand drive. It was just fun experiencing something for the first time no matter how mundane. LOL.

There is really nothing like the first time of anything, huh? I was just observing everything we were passing. It was wonderful not having to go through traffic at 7PM, which is usually rush hour time in the Philippines. The cab was just cruising to Suntec City. I spotted the Singapore Flyer, which I said looked like the London Eye. It was due to open a week after our arrival, the cab driver said. It would have been interesting seeing Singapore from that giant ferris wheel.

I tried to make conversation with the cab driver, and we talked about their money for one thing. I told him that I found the Singapore money very interesting since it comes in various sizes depending on the value. The biggest bill is 50 Singapore Dollar while the smallest was the S$2, which has a transparent bit in it. He asked what Philippine money was like. I told him it was the same size for every bill. And he went, “but how can you tell which money it is?” I found that a funny comment, though he was in earnest. I just had to answer, “we have to look at our money before we use it.”

Finally we neared Suntec City. He asked where we were to be dropped. We thought there was just only one entry, only to find out that there were five towers! We didn’t know which tower our friend worked in. So we just told him to drop us at the nearest stop. That was Tower 1.

We were laughing like loons when we realized that we were lugging around our big luggages in the middle of cosmopolitan Singapore! We looked like lost tourists, which what we were exactly at that moment.

We saw an information desk at the first floor of tower 1, so we decided to go in and ask. The funny thing was, I was used to doors that opened once you were on the welcome mat. When that didn’t happen, I tried pushing the door. The guy at the front desk was making a sign which I did not understand. Apparently, he was telling us to push a button. Thankfully, one of us saw the button that was to be pushed.
Once we were able to talk to the dude at the desk, he told us to cross the street and we can see the sign that said tower 5. After we thanked him, we proceeded to our way. It was so funny crossing the street in a hurry with large luggages in tow. We were so scared to violate any traffic rules lest we get penalized without even starting our vacation yet.

We entered the mall part of Suntec City. Still, with our luggages. We scanned for money changing places, where we could buy stuff we needed and wanted. However we could not find where our friend was. Thankfully, he was to be off in ten minutes. So while waiting, we do what most tourists do -- Take pictures! We took photos of ourselves looking like lost sheep, hugging our big baggages. When our friend saw us, he almost died of embarrassment. LOL. He wanted to pretend that he did not know us, but we knew he was really just happy to see us. LOL.

And so that was how we started our time in Singapore – lost in Suntec City.

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