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Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Photo, Washington, United States

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has three sections. The wall listing the names of those who died in the war, the Vietnam Women's Memorial, and the statue of three servicemen. The most impressive to me was ‘the Wall’. It then took more then 3 years before this monument was completed. Names, so many names….but no one I knew. Standing there in front of this black wall, you realize they are always someone’s son or daughter. You’ll see this wall, but when you come closer, the Wall gets character. You see a name and realize that there’s a story behind. I walked along the wall, with thousands of names as far as I could see. I was moved by the number of people who died. I was passing flowers, cards and small gifts left in remembrance. There is always someone looking for a name and to touch the name of friend or family member that died in duty of their country. It’s overwhelming to see the black granite wall inscribed with all these names.

History seems to repeat itself, because the United States is now in another war and (too) many already died…..

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