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Mount Sterling Horror Part 2

The front of the haunted house Photo,

Once outside, we parked ourselves across the street on the sidewalk and watched the house until Jack got home. Now, there were only two rooms upstairs, one on either side of the stairwell. A large window separated the rooms. If anyone had crossed from one room to the other we would have seen them through the window. If anyone had come down the stairs, we would have seen them since the staircase was located directly in front of the front door. When Jack got home the three of us, armed with a broom, went back in the house to investigate. We walked all around the house. Nothing was there. Nobody slept very well that night.

After that, things went from bad to worse. Voices in the night, whispers, laughter, footsteps that walked toward the bed and got a few feet away before stopping…Knocking on the walls and doors. Singing. I heard singing coming from upstairs once and I can still hear it. Sometimes I get it confused with the rocking chair incident and it all merges together for me, even though they didn’t happen at the same time. Mom was a schoolteacher and we started staying really late at school so that we wouldn’t have to be at home as long.

Eventually, we decided to move. For the weeks leading up to the move, the three of us slept in the same room. Mom and I moved mattresses into Jack’s room and we slept in there. He had been hearing and seeing things as well and was afraid to sleep alone. The last thing I remember was that one night my stomach was upset and I had diarrhea. I had to keep getting up and going to the bathroom and I was so afraid that every time I went I cried. I would sit there on the toilet and listen as someone or something would walk up to the bathroom door and tap lightly, before whispering something I couldn’t understand and dart away. At one point I even started praying to my grandmother to watch out for me. Okay, I was ten.

We moved out and I hadn’t been back to the house until the summer of 2006 when I took my friends there. They’re really into old houses and ghost stories and they wanted to see it. It’s been abandoned for fifteen years or something and it’s really falling in, but you can still walk around inside if you’re careful. Mom took one step inside the front door and then went back to the car and shut the door. I stayed a little longer, but when I tried to go upstairs I couldn’t get nay further in my old bedroom than the door. Jim and Ashley toughed it out and explored but when Jim came back out the first thing he said was, “There’s something bad in Becky’s old room.” Yeah, I know.

Something had to have happened in that house. Those were not friendly spirits. It was not a good feeling to be there. And I often felt that it wasn’t even the same spirits that haunted it. I know that for a while the house was separated into apartments so maybe that had something to do with it. I don’t know. But I still get creepy vibes whenever we drive past it.

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