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Neumeyer Channel

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This narrow waterway nestled between Anvers and Wiencke Islands is one of the scenic wonders of peninsular Antarctica. The cliffs here are not as towering as in the nearby Gerlache Strait, but the scenery is much closer and therefore easier to observe.

Our approach was from the Bismark Strait after finishing our passage through the Gerlache Strait. The highlight here was a pod of orcas that arched in and out of the water seemingly unfazed by our rather large presence. At the entrance to the Neumeyer Channel there is a man-made tower on the right hand side, one of the only reference points I had seen to allow the scale of the grandeur to be accurately appreciated.

Inside the channel there were narrow rocky 'beaches' occasionally covered by clusters of penguins but mostly empty. As is the case everywhere in Antarctica, icebergs were abundant, though somewhat smaller here than elsewhere. As always each had a unique shape, evoking images like some kind of frozen organic Rorschach Inkblot Test. Keep on the lookout for lazing seals perched atop level floes.

Passage through the channel doesn't take very long, but on a clear day, with the sunlight creating shadows and reflections on the piles of ice and snow, the visitor will be exposed to the stark beauty of this pristine environment and will subsequently have difficulty accurately describing the majesty of such a scene to any who may ask.

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