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Flying by Silkair

delicious plane food Photo, Singapore City, Singapore

There are only two airlines that provide direct flights from Davao to Singapore. Most trips from Davao have to pass by the Philippine capital of Manila where major international airlines stop over.

Cebu Pacific is the budget airline from Davao to Singapore. Cebu Pacific trips do not serve food and take six hours to get to Singapore. Mainly because it has either a Cebu or Manila stopover.

When we checked the fare rates, it turned out that the budget fare and the regular fare of the competition airlines had little difference. Maybe because it was peak season for Singapore as Chinese New Year was coming up a few days after we are scheduled to arrive.

So we decided to take the Silkair flight to Singapore. It took only three hours from Davao since there were no more stopovers.

Since it was my first international flight ever, I was fascinated the moment I got my passport stamped. Moreso when I finally entered the airplane and was greeted by multiracial flight attendants.

Our seats were located at the very back because my friends and I wanted to be seated together. The only three seats available was near the lavatories. But it was of no bother anyway.

Come meal time, the ladies announced that we had a choice of fish and chicken with our noodles. However, since we were at the back the chicken ran out and we were left with fish. I'm a carnivore and was a little disappointed to be left with fish. However, being used to flights which only serves biscuits and peanuts, it was a welcome change.

It was a pleasant surprise, though, to discover that our fish was actually bangus (milkfish) belly. My favorite part of the bangus! To my surprise, the noodles itself was tasty. The fish was also quite delicious. The vegetables were still fresh and crispy. Mandarin oranges, anytime, is great.

It was a nice meal and there were three rounds of drinks during the entire flight. I had coke and water with my meal. Then the next round I tried the orange juice which was also good, having that little bitter taste of orange zest. Eating aboard Silkair was quite satisfying.

The flying experience itself was really quite wonderful for me. Being a first timer, it was great to be served good food and attended by beautiful and friendly ladies. There were reading materials on each seat to occupy one's time. A gag show that need not be heard was showing on small screens every few seats. We couldn't help but laugh our heads off. Definitely a good choice of viewing for a short trip like that.

All in all, it was a wonderful flight. Silkair is definitely worth taking if you have a few bucks to spare.

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