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Fishing on Lick Creek Road--McCall--July 1994

Anita fishing in Lick Creek II Photo, Idaho, United States

Another adventure from my Summer of 1994. Shortly after arriving back home from school in nortern Idaho to work and be with family for the summer, our friend Anita calls me and invites me to spend the day with her and her husband Sam fishing at Lick Creek, another hidden gem outside of McCall, Idaho. I don't fish, but I relished the idea of spending a day in the great outdoors with a good friend and co-worker like Anita.

So Anita and Sam came and picked me up at our house in Donnelly in their big yellow truck with the extended cab. Their German Shorthaired Pointer Missy was in the backseat and greeted me warmly as I climbed into the truck. Glad Missy was friendly, or I would have had a long ride back to McCall in the backseat with Cujo!

Lick Creek Road is located east of McCall, and you access this dirt road (here we go again with the dirt roads!) near Legacy Park, McCall's beach and boat marina on Payette Lake.

Anita, Sam, and I spent the entire trip chatting and looking at the scenery. Being a big hunter and growing up in the McCall area with his parents and brother Tom, Sam knows the woods near McCall like the back of his hand, and was able to point out many of the interesting sights we could see from the truck. Lick Creek Road is another secret gem of mountainous vistas and secret fishing holes.

About an hour into the trip, we stopped near a little creek so that Anita and I could go fishing. Sam and Missy went in another direction to do some hiking and Sam was probably checking out some future hunting areas for the Fall hunting season. Anita had her fishing pole in hand, and I had my camera, and off we went to the creek to try to catch the big one!

Anita and I talked a lot about things while she was fishing, and I walked around the creek taking pictures of Anita fishing and the scenery. So beautiful. Then I went and cut my shin on some branches, but after putting my leg in the cold creek, I stopped bleeding soon and ignored the pain to enjoy time with a good friend.

About an hour later, Sam and a panting Missy returned from their hike, and we were ready to continue our adventure. After traveling a little more on Lick Creek Road and seeing more scenery, Sam turned the big yellow truck around and we started to head back to Donnelly to drop me off. I turned down Anita's kind dinner invitation for elk steaks (Sorry, don't do Bambi or anything with a cute face!) and came home exhausted but full of great memories and a camera full of pictures.

A couple of years later, my stupid now ex-husband thought it would be cool to go ice fishing when he heard Sam talking about it when we were in Donnelly for Christmas. I hadn't packed any heavy clothing for our trip, but the idiot was admant about going ice fishing for the thrills, and we had to borrow thermal underwear from Mom and Erika since it was going to be pretty damned chilly on Lake Cascade.

Anita and Sam picked us up early the day after Christmas for the short ride from our house in Donnelly to Lake Cascade. It was 10 degrees out and freezing, and I was cursing having to leave a warm bed and my idiot now-ex every minute of the way. Thank God Anita had brought hot chocolate, and I brought tea to keep our hands and bodies warm. The fish weren't biting in the lake that day, but it was a nice time to talk to Anita and watch Sam and the idiot-ex walking around every ice hole they dug and writing their names in the snow from our seats on the shore of Lake Cascade!

Lick Creek Road is best accessed in late-Spring, Summer, and early-Fall. In Winter, the best way to go on Lick Creek is by snowmobile because of the rough road conditions the snow can bring. Lake Cascade is accessible at several points in Cascade and Donnelly, Idaho.

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