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Travelling to Monterey, CA

Denver - San Jose Airport
Total Flight Time - about 2 hrs. 10 mins.

We decided to skip San Francisco, and opted to fly into San Jose. One, less city hassle to contend with, and more importantly, it's closer to Monterey.

One can actually fly direct to Monterey, however, flight time option is very limited and we wanted to take advantage of time spent. Anyway, the trip from San Jose to Monterey is scenic.

I guess, it might also be a good idea to fly direct to Monterey if we do decide to go back. That way, we also see the scenic fly in and out of the Peninsula. Hhhhhmmm.....that's a thought....

From San Jose (Airport)

We took the Monterey/Salinas Airbus (, researched online planning this trip.

One way-trip was $30 per person but this would only take you to their downtown stop in Monterey, the Ordway Drugstore on Pearl and Alvarado Sts.....which, if like us, you book at the Marriott is about a good 5 minute walk.

For an additional $5 (or a total of $65 for both of us), it was direct to the hotel.

TiP :

2220 Del Monte Ave
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone No. (831) 373-7777

Make reservation/s with the Airbus ahead. You can do this online via their website. You receive confirmation of your reservation via email. (Payment is cash or credit card on the day of the trip and paid to the driver upon pick-up.)

I suggest you print a copy of your confirmation letter just in case and note their contact phone number.

On our trip TO Monterey (arrival), we were lucky as there were only about 6 passengers and the vehicle that picked us up was a 20-30 seater tour bus.

Designated pick-up from San Jose Airport if arriving in Terminal C is at the Ground Transportation island shelter labeled "Scheduled Buses".

Our bus was for 1:30 and except for a short "restroom break" and a really quick purchase of some bagged snacks, we were on our way out the terminal.


The trip from San Jose (airport) to Monterey is about 1.5 hour so I suggest you make use of the "restroom" facilities at the airport. =)

At 1:40 with no bus in sight, a lady waiting as well, asked if it was possible we had missed the bus. The company's phone number I noted down sure came in handy!

Turns out, the scheduled pick-up time is more like an ETA. Whew! That was a relief! I was reassured that the bus was just delayed and would be arriving soon.....and it did by 1:50.

There were already 2 onboard, who, we guessed, were picked up from SFO (airport) since our pickup was the 2nd point for the Monterey/Salinas route.


Choose seating on the right, the view is better. *wink*

Also, REMEMBER to make reservations for your return trip. This you can do yourself, a day before your flight or thru the Front Desk of your hotel.

As a footnote, (AGAIN) make sure you have the airbus co.'s phone number handy. You just might have to call their office like we did on our return trip.

We made reservations the day before for a "PICK-UP from HOTEL" service (again $65 for the 2 of us or $60 if we had gone to their pick-up point ourselves).

However, 20 minutes past the scheduled time of pick-up we were told, I called to double-check and somehow, I felt like our reservation for a pick-up was nearly missed after being told to hold.

So.....again, make sure you call if there is more than a 10-minute delay as the next scheduled trip could pose a problem with your flight time.

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