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Bangkok’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT Subway)

Wat Ratchanaddaram  Photo, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok’s Metro resembles in shape and design its older brother in Singapore. As there, the passengers are protected from the railway gap by glass walls spiced up with doors opening whenever a train arrives. The cars and stations are very similar and comparably comfortable and efficient.


Due to Bangkok’s muddy underground and the 1997 economical crisis, the subway construction suffered many delays and was inaugurated only in 2004, eight years after the construction began.


Roaming Bangkok at eighty kilometers per hour, the metro is difficult to beat in this aspect.


Nowadays, there is only one operating line – called "Blue" – which is twenty-one kilometers long, it has eighteen stations and connects Bang Sue with Hua Lamphong through a loop reaching Phra Ram 9 highway.

Combined with the Skytrain two lines, the complex mass transport system draws a rectangle on Bangkok’s map. Other lines are planned.

Interchange with BTS

Connecting from the metro to the Skytrain is possible at the Silom Skytrain's Sala Daeng Station), Sukhumvit (Skytrain's Asok Station) and Chatuchak Park (Skytrain's Mo Chit Station) stations.

However, there isn’t yet a joint ticketing system with the BTS Skytrain, though the situation can change soon.


As with the BTS Skytrain, fares depend on the distance traveled.

The fares have changed a few times; however, the longest trips cost slightly over an American dollar. There are single trip tokens and contactless stored value cards which can be purchased at the stations.


All the stations are equipped for handicapped passengers’ access and have flood’s control mechanisms; the last are important due to Bangkok being close to the sea and on a low area.


Conveniently, on the stations’ exits are maps showing the adjacent surface level area.

Main Stations

The Metro system connects the Bang Sue Railway Station with the Hua Lamphong Railway Terminus, both in downtown Bangkok while drawing a wide open rectangle on its way; it crosses several important areas and attractions. Here are the main ones listed:

Bang Sue: This metro station gives access to the Bang Sue Junction Railway Station.

Chatuchak Park: For access to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the Mo Chit Bus Terminal and the BTS Skytrain Silom Line.

Petchaburi: For access to Petchaburi Road, a popular shopping area north of Sukhumvit.

Sukhumvit: For access to Sukhumvit Road, the main shopping area in Bangkok, and connection to the BTS Skytrain's Asok Station.

Lumphini: For access to Lumphini Park, the main green area in Bangkok and to the main Muay Thai shows in Bangkok.

Silom: For access to Silom Road and the BTS Skytrain's Sala Daen Station, one of the main commercial and business areas in town.

Hua Lamphong: For access to Hua Lamphong Railway Station, Thailand’s main railways terminus.

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