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Cowboy Sculpture Photo, Beaver Creek, Colorado

Living in St. Louis, we’re fortunate enough to be able to travel to Beaver Creek via America’s Main Street (aka Interstate 70). The beauty of that is that you can drive there in 16 to 18 hours. If you’re hard core, you can do that in one fell swoop. But we like to take a break, usually somewhere in Kansas. A lot of people give Kansas a bad rap for being flat and boring, however we usually see enough to keep things interesting. There is a favorite highway spot of ours, just west of Topeka (I think it’s near mile marker 334, but don’t hold me to that). Near a farm/ranch house perched atop a hill north of the highway, is a silhouette sculpture of a cowboy on a horse. The first time we saw it, the time of day tricked us into thinking it was real. Okay, it’s a real sculpture, just not a real cowboy and horse. Now we look forward to seeing it, like an old friend or a favorite restaurant that serves a kickass piece of apple pie.

There are plenty of other interstate-touristy attractions or sites along I-70, like the Sternberg Museum in Hays, the Cathedral of the Plains, and one place advertising “the world’s largest prairie dog” (uh… okay). My point being, that in this day and age many parents are doing their kids a disservice by providing (insisting?) dvd/video babysitters in the back seats (even more disturbing to me is the notion that each kid has to have their own screen with their own programming… now that really encourages sharing and team work!). But I’ll get off my social commentary soap box for now and return to the travel review.

A couple other notable locations along the I-70 corridor include the Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum in Abilene; and Fort Riley's Cavalry Museum, which includes the Custer House (now there's a historical figure that's guaranteed to stir a thought or two).

If driving cross-country isn’t your cup of tea (and there’s nothing wrong with that), it’s hard to beat Denver International Airport as a destination. It’s one of my favorite airports in the country, and there are ample bus and van services that will take you on to Beaver Creek. Or, you can fly on to Eagle County Vail Airport and be only a short shuttle to Beaver, Vail, Breckinridge, Copper Mountain or Keystone.

Once you’re in town, getting around is easy. It’s possible to just leave your car at the hotel and use the local bus system without spending another dime. If you want to go to Vail for dinner or a day of skiing, the bus there is only $3 each way.

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