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Annual December Date Night (Part 2)

Starbucks Photo, Fort Worth, Texas

This is the second part of our annual date night review. I decided it would be best to separate them since there are two main things we do on our dates. We eat and we hang out. I have already told you about our eating experiences now I will tell you what we do to hang out in downtown Fort Worth.

The first thing we do after we get done eating dinner is walk to Starbucks and get coffee. The first year we did this we sat there and talked for 2 hours. It amazing how much you have to talk about when it is just the two of you. We had such a great time just sitting there.

This past year when we went to Starbucks we got our drinks and walked around for a while looking at all the lights and talking. As we were walking we came upon some bright lights and a gathering of people. Once we found out what was going on we were quite surprised. One of the movie theaters was hosting the Lone Star Film Festival. Shortly after that we saw Bill Paxton (from Twister), Fred Durst (Limp Biscuit) and Jason Ritter (son of John Ritter). They were all walking the red carpet. This was quite a surprise and kind of exciting as well.

Our next stop is always Barns and Noble Book store. We come here after we do coffee. We like to walk around the store and look at all the books then we pick out a few of our favorite magazines, pick a little corner and hide in it and read our magazines for a little while. It sounds so simple but it is very relaxing.

Our date might sounds boring to some, but for us its perfect. A nice romantic, sometimes quite dinner, a cup of coffee and some one on one time and then a trip to catch up and relax on current events, interests or anything else we might not get more than 5 minutes of peace to read. If you have children you might understand. We do this once a year, and have the best time.

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