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Annual December Date Night (Part 1)

Chirstmas Photo, Fort Worth, Texas

This review is gooing to be written in 2 parts. When we go on a date we do two main things, eat and hang out. So this first part is about food and dinning on our annual date night.

Having a little one sometimes can keep you so busy that you never get to spend a moment alone with your spouse. So for Early Christmas we decided we would go out for a date and enjoy some time together. For two years now, we choose to go to downtown Fort Worth to Sundance Square. We come here because there is so much to do and so many places to choose from for dinner. We have enjoyed coming in December because everything is covered in lights. The whole area is lit up for the Holidays and it is such a great place to be when it is.

Every year we come down here and we get all dressed up and we go to dinner and walk around. The first year we ate at Mi Cosina, an upscale, sophisticated Mexican eatery that has great food. The atmosphere there is perfect for a romantic, and quite dinner. The lights are dimmed, we sat next to the glass doors and the music is peaceful. Such a treat for two people who rarely get to talk to each other and about each other. The food here is great and the service is always top notch.

Then this year we ate at a place called Billy Minors, a little step down from the year before, but never the less still great food and a wonderful experience. This place is a little less sophisticated and rather loud but had great food. I ate a hamburger and my husband had a chilidog. Now I have to tell you my husband is not really a fan of chilidogs and I can’t believe that any one would ever eat one out for dinner, but he swears they are the best he has ever had. Now I took a bit but it was still just a chilidog. Still we enjoyed our dinner and were off to do what we do next.

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