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Yuma Arizona

sand dunes Photo, Arizona, United States

Yuma Arizona is a pretty big town on the California/Arizona border or at least a little ways into Arizona. Yuma is the first big town you come to after several hours of driving through the mountains, dessert and a little bit of farm land that is sea level. Driving from San Diego to Yuma on Highway 8 was the craziest elevation changes I have ever seen. Your at sea level, then your in the mountains, then you go further up, then you come down, then your in the dessert, then you get into Arizona and your at sea level again and there is all this farm land that is the brightest green I have ever seen, then you come into Yuma and your in the dessert and see sand dunes everywhere. It was so crazy.

We were very surprised when we got to Yuma because there was one big exit and the rest looked like every other exit off the road, with a gas station or store. The exit was filled with gas stations, restaurants and not just fast food, a Target, and many other department stores, a few businesses and several hotels. It looked pretty much like a big city like the one I live it right in the middle of the dessert. It was so strange but we were glad.

We stopped here to eat. I had lunch to go at Olive Garden and my husband had In and Out for the last time. We also stopped in Target to go potty, get a break from the car and also grab a few things we needed. We knew this would be the last stop until we got to Phoenix.

Yuma sure was a nice relief and also a very warm place to stop, The weather was great. We were able to sit outside and eat our food and enjoy the warm for once. In a previous journal I wrote about the sand dunes in the middle of the dessert. These dunes were not far from Yuma. These dunes are northwest to Yuma and stretch 40 miles long. They are the biggest dunes in the U.S., and offer many activities for visitors.

We loved Yuma and will probably consider vacationing there sometime. It is not the first place many people would think about for a vacation spot but it does have lots to offer.

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