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Route 66 Holbrook Arizona

wind mills Photo, Holbrook, Arizona

Once you cross over the New Mexico/Arizona border the first city you will come to, that is of any size is, Holbrook. Now the disappointing news is there is still no In and Out Burgers, but the good news is there was some food here.

Route 66 runs all along Highway 40 so any time you get off the highway you will most likely exit on to route 66. Here there were several food places. You will find a Burger King, Mc Donald’s, KFC, a taco place and a few others, along with these restaurants you will find gas stations and a few other little things. Holbrook is a pretty small town but has a lot in it.

We actually stopped here on our way out and back. We ate lunch at KFC on the way to the west coast and on the way back we ate at McDonalds for a quick breakfast. As well as getting something to eat I decided several hours in a car was enough to make me need a little room, I decided to take a quick jog/run through the town and my husband picked me up along the way. Being from north Texas I was not used to the higher altitude and also the dry air. My lungs were not as happy with me for doing that. Nevertheless my body felt good and stretched out. It felt good to move a little. Then it was back in the car for another long stretch of driving, stopping only for gas and potty.

I recommend at some point on any drive down interstate 40 that you take an exit off route 66 and enjoy a little bit of history. Most places there is not much to it, but it sure is neat to say you did.

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