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MGM Grand and the Bellagio Hotel

Bellagio Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Since the Bellagio, MGM and the Mirage are all part of one I thought I would put these two together. When we first got to Vegas we parked at the MGM Grand and walked through there to get started. My first time in a huge hotel/Casino, I was amazed there is so much to do and see. The casino itself was huge, the sounds were amazing you could here chips clanging together everywhere. We walked though several areas of the MGM. We saw the lion exhibit which does not cost money, there were some great holiday decorations throughout the hotel, and you could smell all the fresh poinsettias. There are several shops and stores, a Rainforest Café, and a few other things as well.

The MGM is known for hosting several fights, shows and other entertainments. We were only there for a short while and mainly walked through to get to the street and see more of the strip. However it was a nice looking hotel and if we ever go back that will be one place I would like to look into more for staying the night.

Now the Bellagio was very different than all the other hotels we had been in. It was very nice and much more upscale. It was more of the luxury hotel. Still it had all the same things that the other hotels have, shopping, restaurants, shows, casinos, they were just much more fancy and higher class. The shops consisted of places like Gucci, Dior, Chanel, Fendi, and Prada are among the many high-end shops you will find here, defiantly way too expensive for my wallet. Still for some people it is like me shopping in Gap, H&M or other shops along that line. The Lobby of the Bellogio was the most impressive. The ceiling was very decorative with blown glass flowers. The atrium was filled with holiday décor, flowers and poinsettias, and everywhere you looked you could see how detailed everything was. It really was a nice sight. One of the main attractions to many tourists is the fountains. We never actually got to see them but from the front of the Bellogio the view is gorgeous. I really enjoyed walking around this hotel and seeing what all it offered.

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