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Snack food in Disneyland

Bur-r-r Bank Ice Cream Photo, Anaheim, California

I often get to the point where I’m hungry, but not in the mood for food. When that happens I turn to many of the wonderful snack food areas in the park. The plus side to these are that that most are out of the way so the lines aren’t as long during peak season; however some don’t appear on the park maps so they have to be sought out. I’ve broken down the snack food places according to locations in the park.

Main Street

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor is located right on Main Street near the candy shop and the Blue Ribbon Bakery. Walking in feels like stepping back into to an old fashion ice cream parlor. There are a few tables next to the windows and in the back of the shop, but they are almost always full. My suggestion is to go outside (as if heading to Adventureland) where there is some outside seating or getting a seat on the parade route (at least 1 hour early…trust me).
Gibson Girl serves the usual single scoop cones (3.39 and up) and double scoop ice cream ($3.99 and up), but the real draw is the sundaes. Each ice cream place in the resort serves similar sundaes, but each with their own twist, and here there are four to choose from. First is the Strawberry Street Car sundae with vanilla ice cream, cherries, and strawberry sauce. Near is the Main Street Mocha Sundae with mocha fudge ice cream, hot fudge, and caramel. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Hot Fudge Sundae with vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and hot fudge. Finally my favorite: the Firehouse Dalmatian Mint Sundae with mint ice cream and chocolate chips. All of the sundaes come in a waffle cup and range in price from $5.49-$5.79

Just next-door is the Blue Ribbon Bakery, which feels like I was stepping into mom’s kitchen. The lighting is a little dimmer then the rest of the shops and there are kitchen utensils hanging on the wall. From the outside it looks mostly like a pastry shop serving cheesecake ($4.99), cream puffs ($5.49), croissants ($2.59), cinnamon rolls ($3.49), Mickey Mouse shaped cookies (2.79), muffins ($2.59), and other sugary treats. However on closer inspection they can also whip up other food items like turkey, ham, or tuna salad sandwiches for ($6.99) and parfaits ($3.99).


Hands down my favorite place to eat in the park is the Tiki Juice Bar. Located in front of the Enchanted Tiki room there is a small hut like cart that severs on both sides (one side to passersby and on the other to those waiting to go into the Tiki Room. They offer a limited menu with everything revolving around the pineapple. They offer fresh pineapple slices ($2.50) and pineapple juice ($2.25), but the real attraction is the Dole Pineapple whip. This is soft serve pineapple flavored ice cream. There is also the Dole Whip Float ($4.50) which is the Pineapple whip on pineapple juice; a combination that made my stomach turn on hearing it, but after trying it my life change (I know a bit dramatic, but I often find myself craving it when I’m not at the park.
Across form the Indiana Jones Adventure ride is a snack bar that I often passed by with little notice. A tiger’s mouth holds a sign that states the name of the Bengal Barbecue next to a stand that looks like it was carved out of a tree. Truthfully what keeps me away wasn’t lack of interest, but the prices. The place offers things like Banyan Beef Skewer ($3.79), Bengal Beef Skewer in sweet Zulu sauce ($3.79), Chieftain Chicken Skewer in Polynesian sauce ($3.59), the Safari Skewer wrapped in asparagus ($3.59), and the Outback Vegetable Skewer ($3.29). The prices listed are for one skewer. I tried the Chieftain Chicken Skewer and was pleasantly surprised. The chicken was a bit dry, but not to the point where it was bad. The Polynesian sauce gave it a tangy sweet but a little spicy kick to it.
The Bengal BBQ offers very limited seating; mainly three tables and a large counter with no seats next to the stand. It really made me feel like I was eating a skewer in the middle of the Amazon and just happened to be surrounded by hundreds of people who were running around with mouse ears on.

New Orleans Square
The Mint Julep is one place that won’t show up on any Disney map. Located behind the French Market near the train station is a small window. For those who don’t want to wait in the impossibly long lines in New Orleans that tend to grow after sun down should stop by here (I have yet to see a line longer then two people here.) They serve some foods such as fritters with dipping sauce ($3.39); cinnamon crisps ($2.29) funnel cakes ($5.49), and croissants ($2.59). They also sever the regular cold beverages as well as mochas, lattés, and espressos. The real attraction is the Mint Julep. It’s a carbonated minty drink with a hint of lime. I wasn’t a huge fan of it, but was happy that I tried it. I suggest getting one for your group and everyone trying it.

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