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I Saw a Deceptive Loneliness

Trudge 3:Edith Stevens Cape Flats Nature Reserve : Cape Town (cont): No!”it was certainly more than that I claim. The land ‘Cape Flats Reserve’ was and is lonely. And yet , they’d say, a train line courses its way right in the midst of the piece of acclaimed land. That is what it is, acclaimed. Now don’t you forget this. It is acclaimed. It does not have to holler the truth in this. It does not have to be boisterous in identification of its worth. It just continues to be acclaimed. I suppose personal sentiments and sentimentality demands that I prefer to see that it speaks its worth more officiously. That is what the politics of the day then and now did. It spoke. What with the Caspers, and the teargas and the bird shots, the forces, they claimed maintaining law and order in us. I said but! But! I am law and orderly see! I ran. Always the opposite direction. I ran away from the Caspers. They were always bigger, better and ‘brusquer’ as more aggressive and more violent than my thoughts could ever conceptualize.

But the ‘Cape Flats Reserve’ so peaceful in its silence, loneliness and unassuming existence. I suppose that I search increasingly as I do now for the National Signifiers of acclaim in national symbols that prevent an automatic oversight of the sight by the unwittingly innocent disregardful and disrespectful civilian.
Then relief awakes like a fresh breeze: She is called Edith Stevens Cape Flats Nature Reserve: She who has within her capacities protected the wealth of years of treasure, vegetation as treasure, habitat as treasure. And she continues to hold and harbour with honour such as these mentioned by specific and scientifically safely and securely all that exists there.

• Edith as the Cape has within her boughs:

I pondered the possibility that within her encamped space, Edith might be the haven of the destitute and desolate. But then, the cobras are claimed to exist there as well. The hedge, a wire one, alongside of the Historical monumental treasure, Modderdam Road, folded backwards alerted me to this possibility, that some without the securities of fineries, sustinence, love and care, might find homage in respite and sleep, there. I have yet to see that this might be.

I know of a time at the immediate Authority to which ‘Edith’ belongs, The University of the Western Cape as the Custodian and Guardian for care and maintenance, during December of 2004 when an extremely destitute man aged approximately 65 years was found huddled in a large wastage container. He had scavenged for food there and decided to continue to sleep amidst the dirt and grime. I presume that he thought that his safety could at least by measure or part be assured while he slept there. Further observation at the time indicated that some on the premises of the institution had at least been providing him with some food to eat. Although this did not suffice, it helped somewhat. He was desperate, but less so given the fact that he slept and ‘ate’ there.

And lastly I noticed the mounds just slightly above Edith, a bridge beneath and through which the aforegone mentioned trains pass. The tar attested to all the necessary requirements suitably adhered to inorder to be appropriately named Road and Main Road. There were the expected expansion cracks or cavities. I studied all of this earnestly to understand that Edith was not bound to experience some disaster of some sort or the other soon. The Road was secure. Then too, there were the mounds of soil. These resembled mole humps, but that they were not. I know this for certain because of what could have once been ‘humanly designed man-holes’, cavities dug into the soil that appeared to be displaced earth mounding to release to view the existing space, a human sized cavity large enough to accommodate a human figure. It would be warm and comfortable, so unlike the hardened tar surfaces on which so many within the horrors of their destitution must prevail and rest if that could ever be at all. Barring the ants and a possible spider, at least the soil would be a welcome peaceful and comfortable rest where such a rejected and despised by the world life can be nurtured. Oh! The horrors of our world!

The tar of the Road called Modderdam is cracked at various places. I deduced that that must be as a result of the business of the diversity of regular traffic of varying weights and sizes. Buses, trains as mentioned, trucks, motor vehicles, conveyer and conveyancing of fleet vehicles passed by regularly. And then, there were the Caspers as well. Only today the Casper fiends, claim that they play hopscotch and soccer with our babies. I am sure that I would not allow them to play with my babies. They might just teach my angels ‘caspering and teargas.’ And then too it was as if I could discern in some of the cracks the pressure of construction days and processes as the adjacent commercial and industrial sites were created. These were mostly steel structures. Steel requires that deep foundations are furrowed as excavation, mortar, concrete and cement, fixes the structure to hold the eventual colossal frame that molds and defines its walls that protect against the vicissitudes of the elements.

• Edith continues to be proud as she exists there. A proud lady no doubt is Edith. But so deceptive a lady as she presents by comparison to whom she really is:
Edith is not lonely as surmised. On the contrary she writes herself in many places within many exploits and functions of involvement and relationships. Edith Stevens Cape Flats Nature Reserve is acclaimed Nationally and Internationally. That she promulgated success in featuring competitively vying for supremacy with the best and that she has won clearly deserves praise. She is laudworthy.Continued next:Edith Stevens Cape Flats Nature Reserve: Cape Town:is notably laudworthy. And is she laudworthy!!!Please join me for Trudge 4 next

: see next explication due shortly:2008.01.20

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