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College Trip

It was my first Thanksgiving away from home but I was all too happy about being away. Myself and 5 other friends from college were heading out to Aspen to ski (among other things). I had only been used to the skiing on the east coast so I was really looking forward to the wide-open powder. There's something nice about being able to turn when you want to turn and not go sliding across a huge sheet of ice in to hundreds of other beginners which is usually the case on NC and VA slopes. The weekend really went off without a hitch and besides a bit of a learning curve the first day I had moved up to the more advanced runs in no time. That's when something strange happened. I was headed down Jacob's Ladder and had just gotten out of site of the group when I saw the ground open up. Now I know those things happen sometimes with air pockets in drifts but it's never that big. And on top of that, the hole closed right up again as if nothing happened. I'm sure there's a perfectly good scientific explanation for it but it was unsettling to say the least. I cautiously brought it up that night at the bar with the rest of the guys. They all had a good laugh and said I might want to lay off the liquor before skiing next time. Later that night my buddy Rob pulled me aside and said that something had made him take a spill on Blue Grouse. That's an easy run and Rob is an awesome boarder. He said that a mogul had risen up like 5 or more feet causing him to crash. I would've given him hell for telling me something like that if I hadn't seen the ground open up like that. We never did find out what happened that trip. Maybe nearby air force maneuvers or air pockets or something. I have no idea. Anyway, I would still go back because Buttermilk is an awesome place to ski. Besides whistler, it's one of my absolute favorite places to go!

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