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CYRENE Photo, Libya, Africa

A green forest hug great history over mountan so you speek about Cyrene in Libya so what you know about it .Founded in the year 631 s borders. M through some adventurous Alaghericokan Patos first Governor of the city, for a period of 40 years. During the height of prosperity from agricultural and commercial activity in the fourth century BC.
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Dating back to the city each successive empires on the rule of northern Libya Republicans Year 414 BC to Alexander the Great and rulers Greeks year 332 BC to Romans 96 BC to the Byzantines 324 to the Islamic conquest of 635 .
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Characterized by the city precinct and the Greek temple Snorter (Io) and the Temple of Apollo and other temples and Agora and the Shura Council, the citadel Alakraboles. At Covenant Romanian introduced some modifications to buildings constructed Greek and many new buildings, including Roman baths, theater and gallery Hercules and many temples and monuments, and the outer wall built centuries in the first and second birth, and there are several churches belonging to the Byzantine era.
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