Yellowstone National Park Stories and Tips

To Yellowstone from the Southwest, West and Salt Lake City

Getting there is half the fun, for Yellowstone is the high point of one of the continent’s most
scenic regions.

From the southwest via I-15: turn right on Orem exit 800 N. Stay in the left lane, which will
put you US 189 to US 40 in Heber City. Turn left on US 40 to I-80 east to Evanston, WY.
Turn left on UT 32 at the stop light about 4 miles north of Heber City to UT 150 in Kamas.

From Salt Lake City and the west via I-80: Go east on I-80 to Evanston, WY. The more scenic
route by UT/WY 150 will add 2-3 hours, and is more scenic when driven on the return trip from
Evanston. Go south, right turn, on US 40 to the Kamas exit to Kamas. In Kamas, turn left on
UT 32 (Main St.) and then left on UT 150 to Evanston.

The recomended route from Evanston is WY 89 through the Snake River Canyon. The
recomended return to Evanston is US/WY 89 to US 189 to I-80 or, at Kemmerer, home of the
first JC Penny store, go west on US 30 to Fossil Butte National Monument to WY 89. The
scenery is different on the two routes, and, as with most mountain drives, the scenery is best
when driven in this direction.

If you must travel by expressway, take I-15 north from Salt Lake City to ID 31/WY 22 to US
189/WY 89.

If you have done all the above, return by US 191.

For what it’s worth, we have traveled all the above several times. If you have do these, US 191
on the return to Evanston is a alternative that is longer than US 189 with similar scenery unless
you pause in Pinedale for a trip into the specular Wind River Range.

Things to see along the way: Echo Canyon, I-80 from I-84 to Evanston. During the Mormon
War of 1857, America’s first civil war, the Mormon Militia fortified the top of Echo Canyon,
prompting a visiting European General to comment it was the most impregnable fortification on
Earth. The US Army sent to invade Utah never got through Echo Canyon during the war. The
two roads leading into the Wind River Range from Pinedale on US 191. Hoback Canyon, US
189/191 is a good place to see Mountain Sheep near the road, and a great spot for Aspens in the

On WY/UT 150: Provo Falls and Mirror Lake. WY/UT 150 is best driven from Evanston to

On WY 89: Intermittent Spring, Afton, WY. Snake River Canyon, Alpine to Jackson.

On US 30 between US 189 and WY 89: Fossil Butte National Monument.

Best gas prices: the truck stop on the east side of Sage on US 30 at WY 89 and the Maverick
Station in Afton.

Best places to eat on WY 89: Betty’s on the south end of Alpine and the steak house in Afton.

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