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Wildlife Spotting at Yellowstone

Bison at Yellowstone Photo, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone is home to many species of animals: elks, antelopes, wolves (reintroduced into the park about 10 years ago), buffaloes, and even grizzly bears make Yellowstone their home. The most common of the big animals are bison. When we spotted our first bison, we were so excited. Pulled the car over, took pictures and just stared at it for a while like tourists gawking the Statue of Liberty. But after our 50th bison or so, I noticed a few yawns. In all, there are an estimated 4000 bison in Yellowstone. I think I got to meet about 2000 of them in one day!

We also caught sight of a few elks, buffaloes, antelopes and sadly just one lousy grizzly! The grizzly was so far off, grazing away in the fields. For a while I was not sure if it was just some hairy ranger tending to the grass. But our diligent tour guide assured me that it was a grizzly and the fairly large crowd of 200 or so viewers with their telephoto lenses out convinced me that indeed, we had spotted our first grizzly.

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