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Bungee-Jumping in the Agrodome

Oops, jumping!!!  Photo, Rotorua, New Zealand

During my three-week tour of New Zealand, I decided to be crazy like a Kiwi and experience as many adrenaline rushes as I could in a short while. Rotorua was my first stop after Auckland and I was not disappointed with the many activities it had to offer. Bungee-jumping was one of these options.

Not the most picturesque bungy in New-Zealand (Queenstown, in the Southern Island has three more bungys to offer in stunning surroundings), the 43m (142 feet) Rotorua Bungy in the Agrodome Theme Park was nonetheless a good introduction to an adrenaline-packed experience.

Not especially cheap (120 NZD for the jump including photos of you jumping), but definitely worth every cent if you are an adventurous spirit looking for extreme sensations. If you want to try only one jump, it is best to go to Queenstown if you have the opportunity to go there.

First of all, I had to sign a release form (in case I had an accident during the jump, the staff would not be held responsible), then I was explained how it would work for me. No doubt was I feeling extremely nervous as it was my first jump. Since I was trying to cure my fear of heights, I tried to overcome this fear by jumping (it worked for a short while, then my fear of heights came back as strong as ever). The staff were extremely friendly and reassured me; they have a real gift about reassuring the most nervous people and they would be good counsellors if ever they decided to change jobs!

I was strapped on the legs and harnessed on the chest (in case the strap on the legs broke during the jump) and told that at five, I would have to jump. 43 metres do not seem high, but knowing that I was about to jump, it seemed like hundreds of metres to me. I approached the platform and stood still while the staff were counting…

One, two, three, four, five… I never knew how it happened, but I jumped in despite of all the warnings my brain was giving me… The adrenaline rush was awesome. A real boost of joy into my brain, as if I was given a happy pill. I could not help but laugh. I kept my eyes open during the whole duration of the jump which did not last more than five seconds (but for me it seemed much longer than that).

Then, I felt the elastic rope. In a matter of seconds, I was not going down anymore but up, bouncing up and down until it stopped. It was over… I was still alive; I had not had a heart attack nor had crashed in the small pond below me.

I knew I wanted to do it again and again…The adrenaline rush had been so powerful I remained high for 24 hours, smiling non-stop. Some people burst into tears and keep crying for hours. As for me, I kept laughing for no reason for several hours afterwards.

This was the first of my four jumps in New Zealand (I did the three other jumps in Queenstown, each in a different place). I would do it again anytime, even if I am somewhat wiser now…

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