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Bar Camp

Bar Camp Photo, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Talk about the perfect places to rest. You can not ask for more than what you find at Bar Camp. That is unless you are really picky and you hate the outdoors. Here is what you find at Bar Camp. You have been hiking up hill for at least 7 miles you are a little tired from the early start and you need a refuel. Your first sign of hope is the wooden gate that signals about another 1/4 mile. Then you walk up to a bridge over a little creek and several log cabins. The first being the biggest, is Bar Camp. Here you will be greeted with a very joyful lady that always seems to say hi to everyone she sees even if she is in the middle of conversation with you. You can get anything from snacks to dehydrated camping meals. At different times during the day you can also get a hot meal of some kind. This is a good spot to get a glass of tea to wake up and realize what you are doing. You are Summiting... well maybe not yet but you can see the summit from Bar Camp so that might get you excited. All in all Bar Camp is the perfect in between spot for a good rest.

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