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La Strada Restaurant

Beautiful! Photo, Lake Lure, North Carolina

Given my luck with first dining choices, as we drove through Lake Lure on the way to my intended stop I make a mental note of the restaurants we are passing by. We pulled into my first choice which offered river side dining and sat down at a table. After 10 minutes of being ignored, John asked me if I noticed what restaurants were back in Lake Lure. I mentioned La Strada and off we went.

We pulled into their parking lot and the first level was packed so we drove up to the next parking level. Even if the lower level has space come up on this level as the views of the mountains are incredible. With the parking lot so full, we were afraid this will mean a wait. We walk on down and when he get to the hostess she tells us the wait for patio dining is at least 45 minutes, or we can be seated now if we wish to dine inside. We were hungry so inside it is.

La Strada sits across from Lake Lure and offers diners a great view of the lake and mountains. The dining area is set up though to offer everyone a great view. There is a lower level inside that sits beside of the patio and then the upper level where we sit also allows for a great view. So even inside you are certain to be wowed.

The decor of the restaurant is nice and invites customers inside to relax. They have nice wooden tables and booths, a fireplace, and lovely paintings offering the artists view of Italy.

Even though this is an Italian restaurant, the menu offers something for everyone. Their appetizers include wings, calamari, quesadilla, and dips. They have plenty of pasta dishes on the menu as well as seafood and steaks. They are known for their NY Brick Oven Pizza offering a variety of toppings. John and I decide to keep it simple and he goes for baked lasagna and I have a simple spaghetti marinara. I also get a side salad with Italian dressing. Our waiter, Kevin, quickly returns after getting our order with our 2 teas, my salad, and their homemade rolls. These rolls are small, but boy are they good. They smell like they have enough garlic to keep Dracula away for decades. I hesitantly bite into one thinking it will taste as strong as it smells, but I am pleasantly surprised when the roll isn’t overpowered by garlic.

It doesn’t take long for our dinner to arrive. John and I dive in and the food is magnificent. It was fresh and everything tasted homemade. When we are done our tummies and taste buds are happy. They do offer a full service bar and they have quite a yummy looking dessert menu that includes cheesecake, Tiramisu, cake, and canolies. We are too stuffed to even think of dessert.

Our waiter was great, the food was divine, and since the price for the two of us was a little over $31, not bad on the budget either. They do have room for private parties. They do have room out on the patio to view the surrounding natural beauty. I and several others with cameras take advantage of it. They are also quite popular since every time we drove by I noticed the patio was full. They are located near the legendary Inn at Lake Lure. So if you have parked there or across the street in general parking, the building is close enough to walk to.

For great food, exceptional service, and breathtaking views make sure you stop while you’re in town. They also have several locations in Charlotte.

11:30am to 9pm except Friday and Saturday when they close at 10pm.
They are in the $10-$20 pp range.
Very highly recommended

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