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A Day at Mount Perisher

Perisher Blue 13 Photo, New South Wales, Australia

Perisher Blue Snowfields (26th August 2007)

Once again we’re up at 6.30am in the morning but we’re not heading the Mount Selwyn today – oh no – we’re going to Perisher Blue where there’s plenty of snow for the more experienced skiers and snow boarders amongst us – don’t worry though there are still beginners slopes.

After a 1 – 1 ½ hour trip from Anglers Reach, in the opposite direction, through Jindabine, we reached the packed car park at the Perisher Blue snow fields – it was so packed we had park our car down the road and wait for a bus to pick us up and drop us off.

The place was a hell of a lot busier than Mount Selwyn and I almost got knocked over a number of times – even on the learner’s slopes – while I was taking photos or videos.

Everyone who wanted lift passes rushed of and got them - $89 per day for an adult – you’d want to get good use out of it. We found and outdoor table directly opposite the learners slope and outside a small café and that was the last time we were all together in the same spot for the remainder of the day.

Perisher has everything for everyone whether you’re a spectator, a skier or snow boarder, a learner, a tobogganer, a tube rider, a hiker, or an experienced skier/board rider.

- There are shops, cafes, bars, and hotels. The price of food and drink is a lot better here than at Selwyn.
- There’s a large tube ride area.
- There’s a huge toboggan area.
- There are numerous runs and chair lifts linking Perisher Blue with places like Smiggins, Blue Cow and Guthuca.
- There’s also buses and a ski tube (train) that links the areas where there are more shops and snow fields – the Ski Tube links Perisher with Blue Cow.
- There’s a half pipe and runs with all sorts of jumps and beams set up for those who have a bit of a daredevil streak. - There are numerous runs of varying degrees of difficulties
- There’s a learner slope and a learners school with easy ride on escalators that are good for learners – don’t have to contend with those t-bars and chair lifts until you’re ready.
- There are miles and miles for you to hike in – snow shoes are advisable although I didn’t bother and still managed OK

I hiked from the bottom Perisher to the top of the slopes at Smiggins and then up to the top of Perisher half pipe. On the way back down I stopped to watch some of the skiers and snow boarders using the half pipe – they’ve got balls. The walk took me about 3 – 3 ½ hours with a couple of stops to take in the scenery and people-watching.

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