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A Day at Mount Selwyn

Selwyn 1 Photo, New South Wales, Australia

Mount Selwyn Snowfields (25th August 2007)

We’re up at 6.30am this morning because this is going to be our first day on the snow. We have decided to go to Mount Selwyn to see what its like – we’ve heard the snow there is pretty thin on the ground and that they are actually making snow overnight. There were several of us that have never skied or snowboarded and we have been advised that Selwyn’s slopes were great for learning on as they aren’t as steep or as long as the slopes at Perisher Blue or Thredbo.

After a half-hour trip from Anglers Reach we reached the snowfields of Mount Selwyn and there was not very much snow at all – what a difference from a couple of years ago when we came here and there was snow as far as the eye could see. This year the only snow that was available was on the upper ski slopes, on the tube ride, and where the toboggans ran. Still that didn’t stop any of us.

They purchased their lift passes - $69 per day for adults (not sure about kids – about $49 I think) – booked the kids that had never skied before into classes and found a central, outside table directly opposite the slopes.

The kids started the day by heading of to the tube ride for a couple of goes – just to warm up and to have a bit of fun. The younger ones really loved it while it was a bit tame for the older kids.

Then it was time for donning the skies for the mothers and kids and snowboards for the guys. Then the fun really started – the kids were all over the front slope, falling on their butts, getting guided down the hill by their mothers and trying to master the art of getting on and off the chair lifts and the t-bars without falling flat on their faces or on their butts. All the time they were laughing their heads off.

Meanwhile the seasoned performers were racing around all over the place, covering all the runs and making as much use of the dwindling snow as they could, but they still had a great time.

Because I don’t ski but prefer to hike around and have a good look this day on Mount Selwyn was perfect for me as the slopes were grassy and not covered with deep snow which makes it so much easier to walk. I went on a long 2 ½ hour walk around the woods and slopes, taking photos and pictures of the scenery and anybody of our group that I came across on my travels.

Although the lack of snow was disappointing for the more experienced skiers/snowboarders of our group it was still a great day and everyone enjoyed it. We have been to Selwyn other years when the snow covering has been great – suggestion would be to check the snow report in the morning before heading of.

Selwyn has a small shopping arcade which consists of a café, a small shop, an information office and a dining area. Food and drinks are not cheap.

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