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Day 3 - Here Comes The Sun

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

Waking up on that third day, I was hoping for warm air and a nice breeze to help my core temperature warm up. But, Mother Nature had a different plan for me. I opened my tent door and was greeted by yet more mist and damp air. Thinking this was some sort of joke, I went off with my girlfriend to the food court for hot coffee and tea. There is nothing more enjoyable than knocking back a hot tea when you are freezing.

When we got back to the tent, our friends were awake and the sun seemed to be creeping in from behind the clouds. The second that that the sun hit me, I immediately felt warmer and the day was starting off on the right foot. After a quick brushing of our teeth, we all headed off for some breakfast sandwiches at a place we had heard about that was just outside the festival campsite site. We got the info for this place from one of the vendors inside the food court and it seemed like a great idea. Unfortunately, when we got there, we immediately regretted our decision. Although we had already ordered three egg sandwiches, we felt as if this place was not really for us. On the shelves, there were boxes of food that had expired in 2004 and even one that expired in 1999. The place seemed stuck in the past with an air of sketchiness to it. We brought our egg sandwiches back to the tent and devoured them as if they were the last piece of food we were to ever see. Although the sandwich was a little dry, the food was great, or at least great with our hang over.

We then decided to clean up our area and get prepared for the afternoon which had an amazing line-up. The first show that we wanted to see that day was Donna Jean & The Tricksters. Donna Jean Godchaux, the once female singer of the Grateful Dead, had gotten together with the Zen Tricksters, a premier Grateful Dead cover band and formed this fun collective of musicians. However, we headed down a little early and caught the end of the Strangefolk show which was rather enjoyable.

We then parked ourselves in a rather close spot near the stage, but also near a trash can so we could discard our empty beer cans. The show erupted into an explosion of jams and rocking tunes. We were caught up in the collective groove that the audience had, which was basically influenced by illegal substances. You could see smoke puffing up every few feet like smoke signals of enjoyment. As the show roared to a close, we started to make our way back for some lunch and to reload our stash of beer.

After a quick bit, I wanted to head down to the field again to catch the end of the Assembly of Dust show and watch the Keller Williams show. However, no one really seemed stoked about going with me, so Chris, my buddy, came with while the ladies stayed back to relax. Now if you have never seen Keller Williams, I would strongly suggest it because he is just a genius with his guitar. He can plan three rhythms at once with is such a cool thing. Unfortunately, for me, the show blew past really fast and before I knew it, we were leaving the field and heading back.
When we got back to the tents, the sounds of Les Claypool slapping away at his bass was so strong that I could feel it in my chest as we greeted the girls. They had the dinner stuff prepared for us and were ready to play some drinking games (beer pong) and then head down for the Ratdog show. When we finally stumbled down to the field again, all of the attendees of the festival had descended upon the field, making less of a concert field and more a sea of people. Navigating through the madness was too much for us, so we headed over to the water and relaxed there while the music played in the background, kind of like our own personal soundtrack.

Unfortunately, the prolonged use of alcohol all day had taken its toll on us and we were ready for bed, so we headed back to the tents again and prepared to rest for the last night of the Vibes. There is nothing more relaxing than passing out to great music. What a day!

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