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Day 2 - Who'll Stop The Rain

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

Never in my life have I been as cold as I was on that second day. After spending all night in a parking lot, sleeping in the car, all we wanted to do was set up our tents and go to bed. However, the waiting process seemed to drag on, with disorganization everywhere. When we finally arrived at our campsite, the first order of business, before setting up the tents, was layering ourselves in a much clothes as possible. You see, we all looked at the weather and it said rain, but nothing about sub-arctic temperatures, so we were up the proverbial creek.

The complete setup of the tents, the canopy, the extra tarps, the chairs, and the table took only about 45 minutes, but with the lack of sleep and the cold, damp air, it felt like forever. After we finally were set, breakfast was looming over everyone like the clouds above and we took off to the food court area for egg sandwiches. There is nothing more enjoyable than an egg sandwich when you are tired and slightly hung-over.

But when that satiated feeling crept over all of us, we had mere minutes to find those tents and sleep. There is nothing more enjoyable than laying down when exhaustion hits the red zone. Hoping and dreaming about nice, beautiful weather was the worst thing that I could have done for myself while sleeping because I awoke to the most dismal day the planet has ever created, or at least those were my feelings. The rain had tapered off into a constant cold mist that wasn’t showing signs of stopping. And with the combo of the off shore winds created by the Sound, the day was one that I would have preferred to have missed, but there were some amazing acts to be seen, so it was time to arise and start my day, again.

The first couple of bands that were scheduled to perform, we missed, but got our act together enough to head down for Zero and Dickey Betts & The Great Southern. We loaded the backpack full of beers and headed down, trying to avoid buying the over priced beers inside the stage area. But at this festival, the staff were doing something I have never seen before; they were inspecting bags and not letting outside drinks in. However, the entrance was right next to the merchandise tent, so I just went in through there and then proceeded into the festival grounds.

The Zero show was a lot of fun because it was the first show we were able to catch, so the ambiance was finally settling in. But the show we loved was the Dickey Betts show. He played almost all of the Allman Brothers greatest hits (even ones he didn’t write) and played for one hell of a time. But as the beer total dwindled inside the backpack and intoxication increased in all of us, we needed to head back and recharge. Luck for us, we were camped so close to the stages that we could hear Mickey Hart and his band play from our chairs while we made up some dinner and recharged.

We needed all the energy we could muster up because that evening there was a funk explosion happening and we weren’t go to miss it. First up was George Clinton followed by Deep Banana Blackout doing a James Brown tribute. Now George Clinton alone was reason enough to come to this festival, so we were all really excited for Dr. Funkenstein. The second that we got down there, the Atomic Dog himself had emerged onto the stage and the sights and sounds of funk took over and illuminated the night.

As the night roared on, we explored around, heading over to the water, walking through the scores of people parked in the center of the field and hang around near the vendors area. We were truly trying to soak up our atmosphere and have a good time, but soon the exhaustion of everything grabbed hold of us like grabbing a raging bull and we had nowhere to go but to bed. Even before the James Brown Tribute started, we had already headed back and were in the process of crashing. All I really remember was crawling into my tents, freezing, and passing right out. The cold, damp air did its best to keep me awake, but my fatigue won the battle of good verses evil and, with that, day two ended.

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