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Driving Around the Island

La'ie Point Photo,

On our first day in Hawaii, we decided to take our rented convertible and drive around the Island to take in what it had to offer. We did not have any particular destinations in mind but stopped at many places along the way as we passed them and read about them in our Oahu Revealed guide book.

Since we were staying at the Kahala, which is on the south east tip of the island, we headed up the east coast along route 72 to 83 and then westward once we got to the North shore.

We got to see many beautiful beaches as well as where people on Oahu live. We stopped at many lookout points along the way as well as the Polyneisan Cultural Center (which is basically a Polynesian Epcot Center) and the Waimea Valley Audubon Center, which has a beautiful water fall at the end of it (a 3/4 mile hike to it) as well as some lush vegetation. One of the highlights for me was La'ie Point, which is in the town of, you guessed it La'ie. La'ie point is a sandstone island about 400 feet off the shore. The guidebook said it was created in 1946, when a tsunami hit the island.

A great way to see the island!

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