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Night-time Walk

PIC Photo, Amsterdam, Netherlands

You may just aimlessly wonder around or join me on this true story walk that will not miss anything important on Amsterdam night life.

Lets start opposite the central station. Here you will find original medieval sluice that still function. Closed by used to stand Schreiers Tower; many women cried here as their husbands were departing for years long trips. Those whose husbands died on the voyages had to support themselves and that’s how prostitution started blooming in Amsterdam. Sailors stopping here after a long voyage could finally get here what they were dreaming about for long months on the sea. Women and Drink! Not necessarily in this order.

Take the Zeedijk Street (sea dike) you will be walking along the system of dikes that protected the city from the sea. Don’t miss the "in den Aepjen" (in the monkey) café; it is one of the two only remaining wooden houses in Amsterdam. Here sailors used to drink to get more carriage for seeking other pleasures of life. Some of them were encouraging themselves that much that at the end of the night they had no money to pay the bill. One sailor was asked to bring the monkey from traveler in stead. Many others liked that way of paying and soon place become full of monkeys…and lice. Can you imagine that?

House stayed, but life monkeys are gone now, just a Dutch saying - you spent the night in the monkey (meaning: you are in trouble) is still alive. So don’t spend the night in the monkey, too much spirits doesn’t elevate your spirits. Head south along the Voorburgwal canal to the old Church. This church from 1250 is beautifully lit and hides such a treasures as organ and pulpit from 1640 or a grave of Rembrandt’s first wife Saskia.

Letting your eyes enjoying the beauty of this old building make sure you don’t turn round, your eyes would fall on something else-old as well, but nowhere near to be beautiful.

Old Church is at the edge of the red light district so all around you are really unhealthily looking creatures in the so called sexy underwear. Interesting view, but I would not touch any of them with a stick of the broom. So how come they have clients?

Ah, I see now, the coffee shops are the secret to the beautiful woman in the windows. One joint for 3 euros, can make a woman worth 80 euros look like one charging 400. Well let them to it if that’s what it takes and lets go together to see real culture of night Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has many theaters with programs adopted for foreigners. We decided to see the musical Rembrandt. At the theater we got the headphones that abbreviated what is going to happen in the breaks between songs so we could perfectly follow the story. Musical had a really high quality and we were pleased to close the evening this way.

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