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Wow (Blacklight Show)

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

The concept of the Blacklight show was used in China for the entertainment of Emperors. Japan then used the technique in the 18th century for their puppet theaters. In the 1950s French puppeteers used this trick. In the 1980s Czech theaters such as La Fantastika used blacklight throughout the whole performance. The concept of the black light theater had in the past been guarded by secrecy. What occurs is that actors cover themselves in Black clothing and masks. Against the black background an optical illusion is created where the people in black disappear into the background. Florescent lights make florescent painted objects visible. The objects appear to hover and move independently when the people in black manipulate them. Inanimate objects seem to become actors themselves. Dancers in florescent clothing can with the help of people in black costume, appear to float. In order for everything to work the theater must be completely dark. If light comes in the people in black will be exposed.

The Wow show is a great example of black light theater. The story is that you are in someone else’s dream. We see a story of a man searching for the child inside of him who is trapped in his fears. The man is accompanied by a dwarf. When he looks into himself he sees different rooms within his soul. In each room he rescues the child from his fears and receives a gift that strengthens him. Spoiler alert: Do not read if you are going to the show. In the dream world, there is a room of tears. Water drops go into the audience at that point. There is a room of spiders which we see on stage. Suddenly from the back of the stage spiders pop up and go into the audience. Member who did not expect this, scream. It was pretty cool to have this close up participation. All in all it is something to experience while in Prague. There are many different blacklight shows in Prague. There is a blacklight version of Alice in the Wonderland. Be warned before taking your child here this show is an adult version. Friends who went to see this show said it had nudity and magic mushrooms. How wrong.

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