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Getting to/from Milan Malpensa Airport

There are several ways to get to/from Milan Malpensa airport. Keep in mind that this does not refer to Milan Linate or Milan Bergamo - two completely different airports. Malpensa is 30 miles away from the city centre of Milan whereas Linate is much closer.

Methods of transportation (listed from cheapest to most expensive):

1. Malpensa Shuttle - A coach travels to/from Milan Centrale Train Station to Milan Malpensa Airport and vice versa. The shuttle leaves every 20 minutes and it is a comfortable ride that takes an hour. The shuttle stops at all the terminals. Tickets can be bought online, at any booth in the Centrale train station, or at the airport. It costs: €5

2. Malpensa Express - A train that travels to/from Milan Cadorna Train Station to Milan Malpensa (Terminal 1). Tickets can be bought at Cadorna train station or at the airport. It takes about 40-45 minutes to complete the journey. One-way adult ticket is €11 (€13.50 if purchased on the train). Child one-way ticket is €5.50 (€8 if purchased on the train).

3. Taxi - May take between 40-60 minutes to get to/from the airport, depending on traffic. It's pretty expensive and can vary between €50 and €100.

4. Car - Don't even think about it!

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