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Walking in Annapolis

Annapolis is a beautiful town to get lost in because the buildings are just a picture of days past with modern day surroundings. Most of the houses are landmarked by the town so they can't be destroyed or changed and the roads are layered in cobblestones. The walk is a bit rough on the feet but truly enjoyable.

One of the funniest things that I saw in Annapolis was that the central square was a School Street. But, on either side of the School Street is Church Street and State Street. Here, there is no separation of Church and State and I am quite sure that that wasn't an accident.

Now, down by the water, you have the freshest water air blowing off of the docks and some of the quaintest little shops that Annapolis has to offer. Also, if you head farther up towards the Town Hall, you can explore the history of Annapolis through the museum set up in the main hallway. There is also the old meeting room of the likes of Ben Franklin, George Washington, and the scores of British traitors who created our new country.

So, I am not really sure of all of the names of the streets in Annapolis, but just walking around and exploring is a fun and different experience. I would highly suggest it and, of course, the downtown are on the waterfront is breath-taking.

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