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The Chinatown Bus

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This is a secret that I have been using for the last 5 years or so, and I feel that it is time to let the cat out of the bag. With climbing gas prices, decreased gas mileage, increased toll prices and high concentrations of congestion on highways, the cost of driving is getting out of control. But have no fear, there is an affordable answer right in front of you: the Chinatown Bus.

The Chinatown from New York to Baltimore is a decent $35 round-trip and the ride isn't too bad. It really depends on the bus and the driver. The ride can either be fast and enjoyable or long and unbearable. There is nothing in between, but the price and the convenience are unbeatable. Now the bus leaves New York and stops in Jersey somewhere usually for a restroom break, then straight through to Baltimore, then onto D.C. I used to take the bus to D.C. because the Metro is right there and it's easy to get around, but my brother moved to Annapolis and the Baltimore stop is easier to get to. The only problem with the Baltimore stop is that the it is in the middle of a bad area, so if you have to go there, get there before dark. Trust me!

Anyway, if you find yourself on your way to the D.C. or Baltimore area, try the Chinatown bus out. Just go to Google and type in Chinatown Bus and see what comes up. There are buses that go all over the country, so find what you are looking for and take the chance, it's worth it most of the time.

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