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4th of July Game: Everett AquaSox vs. The Boise Hawks

The Boise Hawks before July 4 Game Photo, Boise, Idaho

When my family and I were living in Rhode Island, we had a standing date on the 4th of July to go and watch the Pawtucket Red Sox (The Boston Red Sox Triple A affiliate) play ball at McCoy Stadium in Mom's hometown of Pawtucket. After the game, there was an awesome display of fireworks. Tickets to this game sold out like wildfire, and if you didn't get your tickets by late May, early June, you were stuck standing up at the game, or you had to watch the fireworks from Jenks' Junior High's parking lot afterwards.

Mom and I decided to renew our 4th of July tradition by going to a Boise Hawks game and after game fireworks. After work one day, I ran to Memorial Stadium, which is near my workplace, and bought our tickets. I got chatting with the guys in the booth, and they said that no one in the Single A short season league that the Hawks were in wants to play ball on the 4th of July except for the Hawks. WOW! We also discussed that there isn't much going on in Boise on the 4th, and I mentioned that it was a big thing in Rhode Island to go to the Bristol 4th of July Parade and see fireworks on both the 3rd and 4th of July anywhere. I was beginning to think that Idaho isn't a very patriotic state, but more on that later.

Ticket prices to the Boise Hawks have gone up from last years $5 for reserved non-box seat tickets to $9. Still cheaper than going to one Major League Baseball game.

This 4th of July in Idaho turned out to be one of the hottest on record. Temps were well over 100, and the air quality has been causing many people including Mom and myself to have difficulties breathing. We prayed that the temps would start to cool down by the time we got to the game, but it was still 99 F when Mom and I arrived at the game at 6:40pm.

There was a long line waiting to get into Memorial Stadium, and Mom and I weren't looking forward to waiting in line in back of the Barbie Doll with enough perfume on to compete with a French lady of the evening and high heels (a little overdressed for a ballgame, I said). Luckily, they opened another entrance, and Mom and I ran over there and got into the park but not without having our purses searched. Mom and I brought our own water, and we didn't want that confiscated, but the lady at the gate barely glanced in our purses, and we were on the way.

Our seats were behind home plate about halfway up, and Mom and I, who are usually healthy, were panting and catching our breath after climbing the stairs. After resting a minute, I ran back down to Dontrelle's Delights, the ice cream stand named for former Hawks Pitcher (now with the Florida Marlins MLB team) Dontrelle "The D-Train" Willis" for some well-needed ice cream. A soft serve of vanilla ice cream that comes in a cute little plastic Boise Hawks helmet cost me $4, and I got two spoons to share with Mom.

By gametime, it had cooled to a balmy 95 (UGH!). The Everett Aquasox (the Seattle Mariners Single A short season affiliate) started off the game with a one out single, but he was caught stealing. By the end of the inning it was 2-0 Hawks, and we settled down to what was going to be a very wild and entertaining ballgame.

The Boise Hawks have had a facelift this year complete with nice new Hunter Green, red, and gold uniforms. Even Humphrey the Hawk, the Hawks' mascot has gotten a facelift for the better and was sporting a spanking new red feathered costume with a Hawks shirt and hat turned to the side. I thought this was a nice change from the generic red, white, and blue of last year's uniforms.

Mom had also brought peanuts with her in a baggie and was munching on those by the third inning. A man sitting behind us with his wife and two friends joked about how good they smelled, and Mom offered him some, but he passed. At least this group wasn't like our first experience at a Hawks game with an obnoxious woman who asked every stupid ques

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