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Take a walk with me in the garden

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

On a sunny afternoon in San Diego, after a long day at work, I decided to prepare for the Fourth of July holiday by going to my favorite garden in San Diego!

It was before sunset, and the glimmer of Tuesday's last rays of light were kissing the blossoms that overtook your senses at the Rose Garden at Balboa Park.

I tried to get as many angles of view as possible, knowing that one wide shot could not describe the beauty you can find here. And, zooming in on every blossom would eat away the little time left before the sun dipped behind the clouds forming in the ocean air.

Here is a place, where anyone can go and enjoy the atmosphere, even if you don't think you care for roses in particular, you will find so many majestic varieties all around you that you'll be tempted to smell each one for it's sweet fragrance!

Whether you are alone, or with a lover, or taking a family stroll, anyone can appreciate the journey these flowers took to bloom in such splendor for your eyes and nose to enjoy.

The garden is named the Inez Grant Parker Memorial Rose Garden. You may not want to count the approximately 2,500 roses of nearly 200 varieties that live on the three-acre site across from the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center. But, be prepared to be wowed by the different walks, and nooks, and surprises you will find here.

My wish is for anyone who visits San Diego in spring or summer to come and say hello to the roses awaiting your glance, the feel of your hands touching their petals with admirations, and your noses coming in for a snuggle and a sweet remembrance.

So next time you hear people say you should stop and smell the roses, be sure to come by this garden and get what they mean!

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