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Beware of Choice Hotels

Quality Inn is a part of Choice Hotels; I recommend not using any of their affiliates.

What happened to me at this hotel tarnished our entire vacation, having a laptop computer stolen out of a locked room.

We had checked out that morning and later in the day I realized I left the laptop in its case by the bed. I returned that very same day. The staff, including the manager, Jerry, completely brushed me off as if it wasn’t their concern at all. Jerry was very nice to me, but all he was willing to do was call housekeeping and ask if anything had been turned in. The thing that bothered me about this, which Jerry seemed to ignore entirely, was the computer had been taken from an electronically locked room. It took a card key coded to open the room door to get in. If a member of their own staff had done this, of course they're not going to say “oh yes, I turned in a laptop.” Yet this was all he was willing to do. I called the police and filled out a report in their lobby. The officer told me it should even be possible to trace the door key used since it was electronic, yet again Jerry didn’t even do this. Finally, at the hotel security’s own request, Jerry did at least call our room, now occupied with new guests, to ask them if they had found anything. The laptop taken was in a fairly large, black bag, heavy with equipment, and was sitting next to our bed (no way to miss it). It was also labeled with my name and address. The whole experience was a shock to me, it just seemed like every stereotype you hear about hotels in Panama City. I haven’t even so much as received a phone call with an update concerning my $2500 loss from them.

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