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The Falls

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The Falls is a beautiful, challenging golf course near to Harrison Hot Springs. The locations is a little bit hard to find because the directions seem a little counter-intuitive. You take exit 129 off of the Trans-Canada highway 1 for Annis Road, and then you immediately follow the on ramp to I-1. The trick is there's a road that leaves from the entrance ramp that runs up the side of the mountain to the housing community and golf course.

The club house is quite nice, with a restaurant with food priced in the $10 range and featuring salads, soups, sandwiches, steaks, and more. The service has been variable sometimes quick sometimes not so quick and not very good about leaving off items such as dressing as requested. Still, the staff is friendly and the food good and at a reasonable price.

The golf course is very reasonably priced to play, although a golf cart is mandatory. The costs ranges $60 and up depending on the season. The reason for the mandatory cart is that the holes are built all over the side of the mountain, many times climbing up several hundred feet to hit the ball back down below.

Five levels of tees are offered, with the course length at about 6000 feet for the white tees. This is a very challenging course with much variation in the lies of the ball. The slope of the tees, greens and fairways is deceptive, most expect the ball to roll off the mountain because it comes close to it many times. Expect to lose balls.

The views of the Fraser river valley add to the charm of this course, although, most golfers don't dare look up. The course is very well maintained--golf carts aren't allowed on the fairways. You will get a good long walk even with the cart. The only good news about the play is there is at most one hole in which the play heads up, most holes are set up to hit dramatic drives down hill.

This is a fun course that we never get tired of playing. The course staff are very friendly, helpful, and respectful of play.

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