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Lameshur Bay Hiking

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

While on we were on St. Thomas, my brother and sister-in-law decided to take us all around and explore. They picked us up at the ferry from St. Thomas with a Jeep they had rented, gave us all breakfast and then we headed off. The first stop on their agenda was a place called Lameshur Bay on the other side of the island. This is a secluded beach over the mountains with amazing nature trails. We pulled right into this three car parking lot, suntan lotioned and bug sprayed ourselves and headed off on the hike up the mountain.

Our hosts had done this hike a couple years earlier while on their honeymoon and wanted us to experience it. With the beach to our right calling us with its cool, crystal clear waters, it was hard not to jump right in but with the promise that after our hike it would feel that much better, we headed off. The hike started on a rather level plateau then slowly escalated to a higher degree. Please, bring comfortable walking or hiking shoes and not sandals like I did. The trail is filled with large, sharp cornered rocks that have been slightly weathered from the constant summer rains that run down this trail like a skier. Also, every now and then, a hermit crab on its pilgrimage from the bottom to the top of this mountain will jump out at you and try to take a snap. Keep an ever watchful eye out.

A little more than half way up this trail, there is a sort of rest area that consists of a giant black rock and a breathtaking view of the island and the water. Do not forget your water bottles and ration yourself well because after you get to the top, you still have to come back down. After the rest area, our hike continued in full swing up a narrow pathway in the overgrowth that only exists in mountains.

When we finally reached the top, we were greeted with cooler temperatures and a large pool of water that seemed to have a dried up waterfall above it. However, that wasn’t the coolest part about being there; there were actual old hieroglyphics embedded in the rocks from the old natives that once inhabited the island. No one seems to know what the hieroglyphics mean but they are everywhere. What is also everywhere are those vagabond hermit crabs. Hundreds of them had made their way to the top of this mountain and were basking in the cool temperatures and plentiful water.

After a well deserved rest and downing a goblet of water, we decided it was time to submerse ourselves in the cool waters that Lameshur had to offer. The hike down is actually more treacherous then the way up because gravity kind of takes control of your feet and your speed is faster and less controlled. You almost feel like a drunken bobsledder hitting the turns at all of the wrong moments and still pushing through.

Coming out of the woods and seeing the endless miles of cool water, none of us could control ourselves, so we grabbed our snorkel gear and jumped right in. The cool waters felt great over our extremely overheated bodies. The one down side to the water front there is that the shoreline is lined with rocks that are anything but welcoming on the feet. Try to put your flippers on before you head in to avoid that unpleasantness. But overall, the waters are so clear, you can see forever and the things living there are extremely curious about you and follow you around all day.

If you are looking for a day of none touristy things to do with a minimal amount of damage to be done to the wallet, Lameshur Bay is the ideal place for you. When you get there, you can ask your hotel which is the best way to get there, since there are plenty of options. But be savvy and don’t ripped off. Remember, these places survive by tourism and will try to squeeze every dime out of you. Anyway, try out Lameshur Bay, it's great.

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