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The Loin's Den

What summer time would be complete without a trip to a gambling town? So we packed the car, grabbed whatever money we had and headed down to Atlantic City, New Jersey so a fun filled weekend. However, when we got there, there was some kind of conference and all of the hotels were booked. Luckily in Atlantic City there is a phone number you can call to see if there are any available hotel rooms. And the Tropicana and the Irish Pub Inn happened to have openings for the nights we were there.

We happened to be near the Irish Pub Inn, so we went to try it out. This place is beyond shady. The guy had two rooms available; a two-bedroom and a one-bedroom (next to his) for $10 a night, but the floors were unlevel and smelled bad. Plus, he had to let you into your rooms and kept the keys for insurance purposes. Since there were three of us, and no one wanted to sleep alone, we headed off to the Tropicana.

When we arrived at the Tropicana (, hoards of people happened to come across the same number and were vying for the same open rooms. Fortunately we were the first ones on the ever increasing line and got one of the last available rooms in the hotel. And this place was gorgeous. The room was spacious and one complete wall was nothing but windows overlooking the beautiful sight of the New Jersey coastline. After dropping off our clothes, we headed back down to the mayhem that is the casino. This place caters to cheap gamblers with its lower stakes tables. But they are good at keeping you at the tables because there are plenty of waitresses offering "free" drinks for you. The waitress is back every ten minutes or so, with a fresh glass and a full smile.

Before we checked into the room, we told our driver that there were no more rooms at the Tropicana (even though we just paid for one) to mess with him a bit, so we took him to Hooter’s for dinner to "try and decide" where we were going to stay. After we told him that we were messing with him about our hotel, we tried to figure out what to do for the evening. Our waitress had suggested going to a bar just off of the boardwalk that she and her friends were going to later on. It was supposed to be the locals’ hangout and a good place to party.

We decided that this would be a good introduction into Atlantic City, but we had some pre-gaming to do. So, after we left Hooter’s, we walked down the boardwalk towards some of the other hotels. To one thing that no one tells you about Atlantic City is that it is hot and muggy in the summer time. As we became drenched in our own sweat after ten minutes (while being passed by multiple pedicabs and patrolling police) we figured that it would be safer to walk through the connecting hotels, catch a drink and cool off. This turned out to be a heaven sent idea, allowing us to get a little drunk, lose a little money on the slots and stop our massive sweating.

When we finally reached our destination of the hole in the wall bar off of the boardwalk (I don’t remember the name, but it isn’t worth it) the place scared the crap out of us. The surrounding neighborhood was really different; filled with dilapidated buildings, drug dealers, and peddlers. What a scene, boy I tell you. Anyway, this bar was filled with prostitutes and drunks of the unfunny persuasion, but the drinks were cheap, so we stayed a little longer than probably advised. I wish that I could remember the name of the place to advise you away, but it wasn’t even good enough to be remembered.

The next morning, we peeled ourselves out of bed and went to explore the different delicacies the Tropicana had to offer. So we tried out PF Chang’s Chinese food restaurant. I had never been there before and it was great. I had the duck and have never had such a good fowl. We immediately headed back to the room, showered and got dressed for the day. Unfortunately the heat was so bad that when we were outside, we couldn’t handle it, and went back in. We immediately ran into a group of coeds who were heading to a place called Firewater’s, which was a sports bar with probably a good 100 different beers on tap. There was a sampler of the different styles of beers, which can be arranged by country, brand, type or even price. And each was great. I think each of us had three or four samplers and some of their famous hot wings. This was like a heaven for us; beer, girls, music, wings and sports, what else could we have needed?

With it being only 5pm and us being pretty drunk, we felt it was time to sweat some of the alcohol and maybe play some mini golf. We headed off to the boardwalk to play some mini golf and relax. If you have the opportunity to play mini golf while you are drunk, please do not. A simple 18-hole game which should have taken no more than an hour took us almost two hours because we were laughing so hard and messing around so much, pissing off the other patrons. But it worked in the fact that we started to sober up and drench our shirts. Then as a shower was desperately needed, we all ended up crashing in the hotel room. When we woke up an hour later, we headed down to Corky’s for some primo barbeque. The ribs were amazing but the mashed potatoes were lacking a bit, so try the fries or something else.

Then, that evening we went to this place called the Red Square that has an ice bar with drink cut outs on the bar, therefore keeping your drink cold while you hang out. The place is a bit pricy but the atmosphere is great. We then spent the rest of the evening up drinking in the casino’s because there are no clocks anywhere. When we left Trump and headed back to the Tropicana, we saw that the sun creeping up over the horizon and somehow the night had slipped away like a dissatisfied lover after a random hookup.

We then headed back, got our four hours of sleep, checked out and headed home. It's so funny because the city of Atlantic City has something like four roads going in and only one leaving. They want you in and don’t really want you to leave, unless they took everything already, then they will ship you out on the boat you came in on. If you have run out of money, but want to keep drinking, take $1 and put it in the slot machine, then hit return and get a print out. The waitresses will think that you have just won and keep bring free drinks over. It’s a great way to beat the system. So be wary about your wallet and WEAR A WATCH.

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