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Cape Cross Seal Colony

Cape Cross Seal Colony Photo,

Cape Cross Seal Colony is one of 23 colonies along the Namibian coast. Cape Cross usually has around 80,000 full time sea lions and up to 250,000 at different times of the year. During breeding season around October the bulls come to mark their territory. They consume up to 8% of their body weight daily and most of their diets is of non-commercial fish. The smell is horrible and the noise consumes your thoughts. I walked down to the beach where a pup was suckling on his mother. Others were fighting for their place on the beach and more swimming in the surf that was crashing against the shoreline rocks. The antics were amusing…one sea lion fell asleep with one foot in the air, another kept scratching his face resembling a disfigured dog. The colony is open from 10am-5pm. There are toilet facilities and a small shop. There are no accommodations and pets are not allowed in the area.

We visited the graveyard of sailors within the Park that had lost their lives in the water. The cemetery was small but sat on the edge of the coast where the Atlantic had taken their lives. The Skeleton Coast is called by the Bushmen “The Land that God Forgot.” The desert of no or little vegetation meets the waters edge. Boats would get stranded or capsize because of the currents and if they did make it to shore, they were sure to die because of no fresh water or food supply.

Cape Cross is easily accessed by driving north from Swakopmund on the C34, then the D2301 past Henties Bay.
The Seal Colony is open from 10am until 5pm each day, and there is a small entrance charge.

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